Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's "Four O'Clock" somewhere

The weather in Oklahoma is heating up! The rain has finally let up and the grass will be growing at an alarming rate.
In contrast, the work on the house continues at a snails pace. We ran into some glitches along the way. Meaning more work..but it goes on..

With all the rain, the pasture has some lovely food for the goats. Free food. They still beg for treats and every now and then I give in, but for the most part, its free range.

But they do love pears and pear leaves. I cut them a few branches here and there.

Speaking of free, do you have any 4 o' clocks?

What a cool plant.

Every year, in different locations, it keeps coming back.

Which works for me!!!!

Several weeks ago, my grandmother decided to get up on a step stool, then on to a chair and clean off the top of her refrigerator. Shes 90....She doesn't realize that.

That went ok...Later on in the day there was a fly bothering her. She decided to skip the step stool and just go up on the chair to look on top of a cabinet for a fly swatter. She fell and fractured her pelvis. Not good. No pins or anything were required as it was a hairline fracture. Thankfully!!!

So, after a short stint in the hospital, she is going thru therapy, etc., in a rehabilitation center. Once she is released, I will be going to Pennsylvania to get her settled back in at home. And I will be explaining the do's and dont's of elderly hood.

This has been very difficult for her, but she is cooperating and on the mend.

I am just waiting for the *word*. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you.
Bob says hes going along with me. I think that will be just fine...
He loves his "Nanny" too!!!
Whats happening with you this week?
Tell me.


  1. Your g'ma looks spunky and thoroughly ticked about her set back!

    I love the new look of your blog, clean and bright.

  2. Sounds like my house, work means more work. Why can't things just be simple. And over with already?!
    Love the goat pic!
    I have tried to grow Four O'clocks before with no luck. Yours are beautiful!
    So sorry about your Granny! I hope she heals quickly.
    Don't scold her too much. It's hard giving in to old age.
    But I am glad you will be able to go to PA and help her.

  3. Oh yeah, what's going on this week?
    Homework, test cramming, more homework and rain.
    Glorious rain! My garden is singing!