Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let there be RED!

Ok so on we go.....I wanted to paint the doors at the house red. So we did!!

This is the back door with doggie door.

This had been seldom used before. Things were a real mess with the glass enclosed back porch. Now its all open and user friendly.

I just love the glass on this door.

Finally its getting the attention it deserves!

Its very unique.

Now here is the front door painted red. We will be getting a new light that matches the new ones on the back porch. Also we need a new storm door and new wood frame. We live on top of a hill and with the Oklahoma winds, this frame has seen better days. Needs replaced. One step at a time we go.

I think the hardware can stay as it is.

So here is my dilemma. If you want to call it that. Love the look of the door unless the door is open.

Which it is all the time when we are home...

The red door seems to make the room look smaller to me. What should I do? A light colored wreath of some sort? Something else? What in the world would you do? Or am I being too nick picky?

Tell me.
I'm listening..


  1. Hmmm, well vertical stripes would make the door look taller and maybe make the room seem bigger. Maybe if you could incorperate something long into the door with paint or with something hanging. I'd would have to think about that awhile before I did anything, though.
    By the way, I love the red color you chose. It's not bright, but more of a rustic color. I like it. And I don't care much for red, that is unless it has a rustic look to it.
    And I love that back door, too!

  2. Everything looks FABULOUS! Hmmm - I dunno what to do about the door when it's open? Try a nice big light colored wreath and see what happens! Make sure you get something you could use somewhere else in case it doesn't work! Decorating conundrums!