Monday, July 19, 2010

Tell me about growing sweet potatoes

I planted sweet potatoes for the first time this year. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to grow? These vines are CRAZY. They are long and go everywhere!!!! Its insane!!!

I finished up painting the shutters this weekend and some other odds and ends. We finished the siding on the north side. Also we hung new lights and put up posts on the back porch. It was HOT this weekend. At one point my head felt like a *creepy crawler* sensation. I know I was getting too overheated. We took a break each afternoon, then back to work in the evenings. Things are winding down. I see the finish line looming ahead.

My grandmother continues her rehabilitation from her recent fall. Slowly but surely she improves and gets stronger so that she can return home. She is SO ready. Me too!!

Take care of yourselves in this heat. Do not overdo.
If you have critters with heavy coats of fur or hair or even angora, give them cold water every time you think about it. They will appreciate your extra bit of effort. They are unable to do this for themselves. They count on you. Don't let them down.
Its super hot for them.

And also for those that are out working in this weather. Like Mickey. He has 2 jobs scheduled for today and also 2 for tomorrow/ Which is too much...I pack his cooler with water and Gatorade and neck bands that cool your neck.
But it takes a lot out of him to work when its this hot.
Hes my hero. He takes care of us. Everyday.

I am off work tomorrow for a visit to the doctor. Its just a yearly check up thing, but as always, I DREAD going.

What are your plans this week?

Is the heat getting to you?

Tell me.




  1. WOW! The only sweet potato I ever grew was just a little vine in a glass in the window. Your vines are so pretty.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she gets to return home soon.

    It is so hot right now! You be careful when you're working on your house. Years ago when my son was a baby I tried to mow the yard during the day. I came close to having a heat stroke. It was scary to say the least.

    My husband bought a fan for Mikey to have on the patio. We put ice in his water bowl that melts all too quickly.

    I'm not sure my grandkids would say I'm the perfect grandma - especially when I have to tell them no or not to do something. LOL

  2. your vines have to die complete and i am thinking in sept. you dig them can check them when they die off to see how big they are. Bob looks so hot. mother

  3. I sweet potatoes are like regular potatoes, when the plant dies is when you dig them up. But I've never grown them so don't take my word for it. LOL
    Yes, it is way too hot for ALL. Take care, take your time and keep cool. I'm trying. Right now I have so much homework that I must stay inside in the ac to get it all done. While the rest of my family is off camping. WITHOUT ME! **sniff**sniff**

  4. I love sweet pa-taters! Keep cool and don't do too much!