Friday, July 16, 2010

The Weekend........Whew!

Its been a long work week for me. Each evening consisting of even more work around the house. This not only includes the obvious such as laundry, cleaning, cooking and animal care, but also the house painting and repair. One other task is mowing.

We have just a little bit of grass to mow.

Just a bit.

It goes on forever.
Bob likes to *help* mow..We have mowers that have the engine in the back and a large platform where our feet are (zero turn mowers) and he sits there by my feet. Hes safe and nothing will happen to him. He just likes to go along.
I told him that there had been a roadrunner around lately, and if he did see it, not to chase it. As you can plainly see, Bob listened with much interest. I explained how valuable they are because they keep down the snakes in the area. This is important so the kids can come over and play outside.

He seemed to totally understand and we began the mowing.

Then we saw it!! Bob jumped down from the mower and chased the roadrunner up a tree.
After a few minutes he would come back and get back on the mower with me. I think the roadrunner enjoyed the game because he kept coming by and sort of taunting Bob and then Bob would jump down and go chase it again..After a few chases, Bob was tuckered out.

This is Jimmy's painting ladder. ( Jimmy is our house painter and handyman) Its old and rickety. This ladder has been on many a job. Jimmy told me he painted a couples house once and when he was finished they wanted it a different color. He repainted the house. Then, they didn't like it and wanted a 3rd color!!! Jimmy did it and told them he was not painting the house again. I thought that was a funny story.

Also I have plenty of tomatoes that need canned or something this weekend. I hope to get to that..

Finishing painting the shutters tonight. Trim tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Heat advisory in effect until 7 PM CDT Sunday...
Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 70s. Southeast winds around 10 mph.
Sunny. Highs in the upper 90s. Southeast winds around 10 mph.
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  1. So glad I stopped by this morning. I haven't done much blog reading this week. Been very busy! Our OKC grands are here for the weekend and we have a lot planned. Some of it outside so I hope we can actually do it all. We have to make the most of it when they come up.

    Sounds like your painting is almost at an end. Are you going to post pictures?

    When we lived in town I never mowed. Now that we live in the country I do my share. My husband does the cutting in and I do the rest. He has one of those zero-turn mowers so it's easier for him to do all the cutting in.

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Your Mickey must be a very patient person. Three times? I believe after the first one I would have told them to paint it themself. I hope he got paid for painting all three times and not just for once.
    Funny about Bob and the roadrunner! I would have loved watching their escapades.
    This weekend? Homework, packing, homework, school, mowing, gardening, homework, studying for tests (2), cleaning, unpacking, washing, cooking......if there's anything else, I don't want to think about it. It seems my weeks get busier and busier as the summer goes on.