Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a mess......

This is how things are looking around my place these days. A state of disaster...What you see here is a porch that is being repaired. A porch that has its roof propped up because Mickey has dismantled nearly everything that held it up, wood that had been wet then started to deteriorate..This is an old house.

A couple of weeks ago I took off work to paint my house. I had a week. I thought I would buy a couple of gallons of paint and hire our friend, Jimmy, to come over and help, and "waaa laaa", it would be finished. Oh why didn't someone tell me nothing is that easy? Especially, when it involves home repair and restoration and renovation and realization. Oh and did I mention we are doing this on a very tight budget? But, onward we (or today, Jimmy) will trudge.

With this.

A extremely humid day was underway across Oklahoma and western North Texas. Early morning temperatures had quickly risen into the 80s...with dew points between 72 and 75 degrees across the entire region. A sub tropical ridge of high pressure stretched across all of the southern United States...and this will suppress cloud cover...allowing temperatures to climb quickly beneath the high July sun angle. Typically...the air would also dry as it warms and mixes...but because of all the rain in recent weeks...evaporation will pump additional moisture into the air near the ground. This will create a potentially dangerous combination of heat and humidity. Heat indices will reach 100 degrees by noon...and will peak above 105 degrees for several hours this afternoon. Where dew points are the a zone from Clay County Texas up through Lawton...Oklahoma City...Stillwater...Enid...and Ponca City...heat indices will rise above 110 degrees after 1 PM. The unusual humidity makes it difficult for the body to cool itself...and heat illness can set in very rapidly. Although the chance of rain is very small...there is about a 10 percent chance of an afternoon thunderstorm...primarily in the zone of greatest humidity...from south central into central Oklahoma.

My job is to get these shutters finished in the evenings along with the mowing.

Our job this weekend will be to get new siding and finish this side of the house. We wrecked this. Tore it down to the core.

Mickey purchased cedar posts for the porches. I have an idea with these. (He doesn't know it yet). I will show you later when the project is complete.

We will need new lighting back here on the porch ceiling. Any ideas?

And we bought all new chrome vent covers for the whole house. This will take hours and hours to do.

As I was out taking these pictures last evening, I spotted this. Can you see it?

Do you know what this is, Mom?

Its a roadrunner! We have a pair that live on our property here on Peebly. Whats great about these birds beside the fact that they are just plain cool, is they eat snakes!

I have been harvesting countless peppers from the garden. Things are growing like crazy!!!

Evidence below. What a jungle!!

We have some finished spots here and there around the house.

I'm loving the colors and cannot wait until the project is complete! I have a few ideas about detail when I get to the point where I can concentrate on that. In the meantime, what do you all think about painting the front and back door red? Or would the trim color of cream look better?
Tell me.


  1. Paint your door RED! I love houses with an interesting door color. (well, when it matches...) We have a bright ORANGE door but it looks whimiscal with our green house and yellow trim. Makes it look like happy people live there in my little mind... Good luck with painting. It's almost as bad as MOVING in my book. And all that repair? Ay yi yi.... hang in there. Head down and one foot in front of ta' other. It'll look great when done!

  2. I'm with Shanster....Paint the door red!!! I think it will look great!
    A roadrunner?! I'd love to see one of them in action. I don't think we have them around here.
    We are finally getting a little relief from the heat, but I know it won't last long.
    Love those cedar posts. I didn't know you could buy them like that. I can't wait to see what you plan to do with them.