Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The singer sewing machine

gWe are back from our trip to Pennsylvania. It was very rewarding. My grandmother is improving daily from her fall and we have set her up with meals on wheels, in home care and a medic alert button. She is hesitant about some of it, but willing with a part of it. I have many stories to tell about the week we spent there. Of course, Bob was along.

One of the reasons we drove this time, was to pick up some items I inherited from the family. It would have been hard to have these items shipped to us. One item in particular is this sewing machine...
Here it is already set up in my kitchen. I love it..
This sewing machine was bought by my great grandmother Laura. She bought it new.

After she passed on, it was left in the house and used by my great aunt Grace. Everything was still left in the drawers.

It was just as it always was.

I cannot express the thrill of having this and displaying it in my own home. I'm sure no one could have imagined that this would have ended up in Oklahoma.

One day I'm sure it will be passed on to either Emma or Addyson, which ever shows the interest in it and the family history, I would imagine. I can remember as a little kid going to my aunts and spending hours just peddling the foot plate.

Its beautiful.

I cant say I will ever sew with it, but I cant say I wont either. I'll be sure to let you know....
How are you?
Tell me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

About to hit the road

Hi..This is Bob..Mommy says we are getting ready to hit the road. Take a trip. Discover America. That kind of thing. I say..Just as long as I can sit on her lap the whole time, I'm good!

She says we are going back to Pennsylvania to help out her Nanny. Seems that she fell and has been getting better and now able to go back to her home. She needs my mommy to get her settled back in.

We will spend a lot of time in this kitchen, cooking and visiting.

I hope to be able to get outside and walk around the pines and maybe chase a cat or two. I love exploring the land in Pennsylvania. It is a lot different than Oklahoma.

My mommy said that this lady will be visiting us too.! I am happy about that because she sure loves me. I love her too. I don't see her nearly enough..

My daddy is going over to spend time with his own mommy. Doesn't she look nice?

I am going to be one happy boy. I love traveling.

I sure hope my friend Susan comes up to Nannys to see me. Her house was a lot of fun to visit the last time. We will be busy taking care of Nanny so I don't think I will get to Susans house this time.

Ok folks...Gotta get packed. Will be blogging a lot when we get back. I'm sure my mommy will take a lot of pictures. I'm so excited.

Friday, August 13, 2010

We are a crazy bunch

My family.

We are definately a crazy bunch...

We started out that way....

Some of it came from my mother..

The rest we picked up on our own...

Then we had kids of our own. Here is my kid, Curt. They have a crazy house...

Filled with crazy kids...

So crazy continues...Even expanding over to the animals...
"Not me!" Bob says..

Sorry Bob, I have pictures..

Yeah and crazy goats too!!

But only we can say this...

Cause after all we are family..

And Im the only sane one out of the bunch..(Not really)

Cant wait to see this house next week. Pennsylvania here I come...!!
Its been too long...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School List....Huh?

Yesterday my daughter in law text me while I was at work.

"Hey, do you mind picking up the school list for Dylan?"

"Sure" I replied.

I looked up the list on line..

Now I know I am getting older. I also know that things have changed since my grade school days back in rural Pennsylvania. I could count on each school year arriving that morning to a brand new tablet and pencil on my desk. Just there. My mom didn't go out and get it for me, it was just there. And low and behold at the end of the six week semester, we got a fresh tablet. Good thing too because your life changes quite a bit in a six week period. You could go from being absorbed in equestrians to cats. Also the boys name you scribbled all over the front of the tablet was now long forgotten. Anywhoo...

The list..

2 Large box KLEENEX tissue (200 count)

*4 Boxes CRAYOLA Crayons (24 count)

*1 School box-Cigar Box Size (no larger)

2 Dozen #2 pencils (USA MADE) Wooden Yellow

*1 Box Watercolors (8-12 colors)

*1 Pkg Color PLAY-DOH BRAND ONLY (2 colors)

2 Pair (FISKARS) metal childrens scissors

*2 folders w/pockets and brads (red, yellow)

*8 Gluesticks

2 Pkg. wideline notebook paper

*1 Pkg. of highlighters (3 colors)

1 Large bag of individually wrapped candy (no gum please)

1 Pkg. of individual pencil erasers and 1 large pink eraser

*1 pair of tennis shoes and socks to leave at school for P.E. - shorts for girls

1 Pkg. red pens

Girls: 1 bottle hand sanitizer, 1 box large ziplock bags, 1 container of Clorox brand wipes

Boys: 1 ontainer of Clorox brand wipes, 1 box band aids, 1 box sandwich size ziplock bags

Please put you childs name on items with an * by it prior to arriving at school on the first day.

That was just Dylans list..

Emma needed some things too including 3 pks 8 ct. Crayola crayons.

HUH? That is some list!! Ok...I can do this.

I head out on my lunch hour and go to Walmart. I go straight to the school supply section.

First the scissors..SCORE! No problem there..

Next..the wide ruled notebook paper. No such luck. Only college ruled..Drat!!

I rush over to the stationary aisle and NO. No wide ruled notebook paper. Drat!!

Back over the school supply section.

Now Im looking for the crayons. SCORE! Picked up Dylans 4 boxes of 24 count crayons.

Now where are the 8 ct packs? NO WHERE. NOT HERE!!! What??!!!

Move down the list. Ok I found the glue stick..I need 8 of these things..Now it says here on the label it goes on purple and dries clear. HUH? Is that allowed with all these strict rules? Why is this necessary to go on purple and dry clear? Whatever, I grab 8.

#2 Pencils ...Ah ha!! Found you...Oh no..Made in Vietnam..They have to be made in USA. I searched one aisle. Then another. Then another.. Whatever. Vietnam made it is. Throw it in the cart.

Highlighters. 3 Color pack..No such luck..I grab 4 color pack and call it good. I dont care.

Then it was on to the 2 folders. One red. One yellow. Both with pockets and brads.

By this time, I was brain dead. I called Angela, daughter in law, from my cell.

Hello? What are brads? Oh? Why do they need that? Oh? Will it work if I buy plain folders w/o brads and then buy a box of brads? No?

I look at my watch. Dangerously close to time for me to leave so I can get back to work in time. A lady over hearing the conversation rushes over and hands me a red folder with pockets and brads. I thank her 10 times over. She looks like a grandmother too. I take a minute at this point and look around me. Its ALL grandmothers doing this shopping.!! No mothers in sight. I find finally the yellow folder and get to the check out line. The bill was out of sight!

I head back to work and take inventory about what I have and what I havent ...

After work I head to CVS. As I turn down the school supply isle I see yet another grandmother there right by the 8 ct Crayola crayons. She asks if she is in my way. Oh no..thanks.

Then I turn and rush around the next isle and come up on the other side of her and snatch up 3 boxes of the crayons for Emma. Then over to the wideruled notebook paper and grab 2 pkgs. Then low and behold I find the water colors. Finally, after several other items I have everything on the list!! Im done!!!!I check out...deliver the goods....go home and collapse...still wondering why I didnt see any mothers out there doing this job...

Angela and I do things for one another. Its what makes things work in our family. One favor in exchange for another. She gets to take care of this face and a few others while Im gone back to Pennsylvania to help my grandmother in a bit.

What do you think of those school lists?

Tell me..



Monday, August 9, 2010

House progress

Been very hot here in Oklahoma

Which makes pepper growing easy...

And obviously the tomatoes are going strong too! Here are yours Mom!

There's more on the vine..

Bob helped me yesterday morning in the garden..

For awhile that is...then he hide out in the cool monkey grass....

This is what our front porch is looking like now..
See how silly those steps are? They lead to the shrubs instead of up on the porch. Weird. Mickey has a friend that does concrete. We are going to do the barter system with work and have some concrete done. Properly..
Porch is now all open with big posts...

Almost finished on this side..

Mickey has been working hard. Me too!!

We can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

It wont be long now, folks.

What did you do this weekend?
Tell me..

Friday, August 6, 2010

This weekend in Oklahoma

Wont look like this...

With the cold winds blowing so hard, even the birds had a hard time hanging on.

No this was taken last winter...This weekend will be a tad warmer..

You all take care this weekend..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

While Chelsea Clinton got married.....

I know you have all heard the news. Little Chelsea got married this weekend.

Her and her longtime boyfriend Marc Mecvinsky wed at the Astor Courts estate in Rhinebeck, NY. It was a near perfect summer day..

Unlike here in Oklahoma.

I do know that Chelsea was not doing this.

Picking vegetables from her sweltering garden.

Nor was she hauling goats to be sheared.

As her wedding was under way, I was enjoying my day with these little people, who wanted to go with Grandma and see what it was like on a real goat farm while there was shearing happening.

They were excited to go...We had fun...

Then we spent the next couple of hours afterward having lunch and playing games...All the while Chelsea was enjoying her lavish day...

As was I. The dryer decided to go on the blink. I had laundry to do..So I did..

In country style...Unlike Chelsea, who will never have to do this...

PS. Gayle..Maybe Mom wont see this...OMGosh.

Uncle Frank..shhh..dont tell Mom. She will have a fit...

Anyway...Life On Peebly..

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me.