Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School List....Huh?

Yesterday my daughter in law text me while I was at work.

"Hey, do you mind picking up the school list for Dylan?"

"Sure" I replied.

I looked up the list on line..

Now I know I am getting older. I also know that things have changed since my grade school days back in rural Pennsylvania. I could count on each school year arriving that morning to a brand new tablet and pencil on my desk. Just there. My mom didn't go out and get it for me, it was just there. And low and behold at the end of the six week semester, we got a fresh tablet. Good thing too because your life changes quite a bit in a six week period. You could go from being absorbed in equestrians to cats. Also the boys name you scribbled all over the front of the tablet was now long forgotten. Anywhoo...

The list..

2 Large box KLEENEX tissue (200 count)

*4 Boxes CRAYOLA Crayons (24 count)

*1 School box-Cigar Box Size (no larger)

2 Dozen #2 pencils (USA MADE) Wooden Yellow

*1 Box Watercolors (8-12 colors)

*1 Pkg Color PLAY-DOH BRAND ONLY (2 colors)

2 Pair (FISKARS) metal childrens scissors

*2 folders w/pockets and brads (red, yellow)

*8 Gluesticks

2 Pkg. wideline notebook paper

*1 Pkg. of highlighters (3 colors)

1 Large bag of individually wrapped candy (no gum please)

1 Pkg. of individual pencil erasers and 1 large pink eraser

*1 pair of tennis shoes and socks to leave at school for P.E. - shorts for girls

1 Pkg. red pens

Girls: 1 bottle hand sanitizer, 1 box large ziplock bags, 1 container of Clorox brand wipes

Boys: 1 ontainer of Clorox brand wipes, 1 box band aids, 1 box sandwich size ziplock bags

Please put you childs name on items with an * by it prior to arriving at school on the first day.

That was just Dylans list..

Emma needed some things too including 3 pks 8 ct. Crayola crayons.

HUH? That is some list!! Ok...I can do this.

I head out on my lunch hour and go to Walmart. I go straight to the school supply section.

First the scissors..SCORE! No problem there..

Next..the wide ruled notebook paper. No such luck. Only college ruled..Drat!!

I rush over to the stationary aisle and NO. No wide ruled notebook paper. Drat!!

Back over the school supply section.

Now Im looking for the crayons. SCORE! Picked up Dylans 4 boxes of 24 count crayons.

Now where are the 8 ct packs? NO WHERE. NOT HERE!!! What??!!!

Move down the list. Ok I found the glue stick..I need 8 of these things..Now it says here on the label it goes on purple and dries clear. HUH? Is that allowed with all these strict rules? Why is this necessary to go on purple and dry clear? Whatever, I grab 8.

#2 Pencils ...Ah ha!! Found you...Oh no..Made in Vietnam..They have to be made in USA. I searched one aisle. Then another. Then another.. Whatever. Vietnam made it is. Throw it in the cart.

Highlighters. 3 Color pack..No such luck..I grab 4 color pack and call it good. I dont care.

Then it was on to the 2 folders. One red. One yellow. Both with pockets and brads.

By this time, I was brain dead. I called Angela, daughter in law, from my cell.

Hello? What are brads? Oh? Why do they need that? Oh? Will it work if I buy plain folders w/o brads and then buy a box of brads? No?

I look at my watch. Dangerously close to time for me to leave so I can get back to work in time. A lady over hearing the conversation rushes over and hands me a red folder with pockets and brads. I thank her 10 times over. She looks like a grandmother too. I take a minute at this point and look around me. Its ALL grandmothers doing this shopping.!! No mothers in sight. I find finally the yellow folder and get to the check out line. The bill was out of sight!

I head back to work and take inventory about what I have and what I havent ...

After work I head to CVS. As I turn down the school supply isle I see yet another grandmother there right by the 8 ct Crayola crayons. She asks if she is in my way. Oh no..thanks.

Then I turn and rush around the next isle and come up on the other side of her and snatch up 3 boxes of the crayons for Emma. Then over to the wideruled notebook paper and grab 2 pkgs. Then low and behold I find the water colors. Finally, after several other items I have everything on the list!! Im done!!!!I check out...deliver the goods....go home and collapse...still wondering why I didnt see any mothers out there doing this job...

Angela and I do things for one another. Its what makes things work in our family. One favor in exchange for another. She gets to take care of this face and a few others while Im gone back to Pennsylvania to help my grandmother in a bit.

What do you think of those school lists?

Tell me..




  1. I like that the children's names are supposed to be on most of the items. When our 2 oldest grandsons were in elementary school their lists were every bit as long but no names were to be put on the items, just sent to school. Sounded kind of fishy to me but my daugteer said I was paranoid or something. She later found out that a lot of the kids (probably those with older siblings) didn't bring half the things to school. They were being given the extras the other kids brought. The next year my daughter told the teachers she would send the necessary supplies as the boys needed them.

    Now that's not to say that we want children who truly need help to go without. We have always donated school supplies for that purpose through work or through the church.

    BTW - I showed my husband Bob's picture in the monkey grass and I was right. He thought it was Smoke until he realized we don't have any monkey grass at this house. :)

  2. I know...I think the lists get longer each year. And believe it or not, this year every student in our district had to pay a tuition fee of $25. I'm wondering where all that tax money is being spent????