Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The singer sewing machine

gWe are back from our trip to Pennsylvania. It was very rewarding. My grandmother is improving daily from her fall and we have set her up with meals on wheels, in home care and a medic alert button. She is hesitant about some of it, but willing with a part of it. I have many stories to tell about the week we spent there. Of course, Bob was along.

One of the reasons we drove this time, was to pick up some items I inherited from the family. It would have been hard to have these items shipped to us. One item in particular is this sewing machine...
Here it is already set up in my kitchen. I love it..
This sewing machine was bought by my great grandmother Laura. She bought it new.

After she passed on, it was left in the house and used by my great aunt Grace. Everything was still left in the drawers.

It was just as it always was.

I cannot express the thrill of having this and displaying it in my own home. I'm sure no one could have imagined that this would have ended up in Oklahoma.

One day I'm sure it will be passed on to either Emma or Addyson, which ever shows the interest in it and the family history, I would imagine. I can remember as a little kid going to my aunts and spending hours just peddling the foot plate.

Its beautiful.

I cant say I will ever sew with it, but I cant say I wont either. I'll be sure to let you know....
How are you?
Tell me.


  1. sewing machine looks great. keep it there. love it.

  2. I love it!
    I used to have one. I never sewed on it, but I loved it.
    I won't go into what happened to it. Bad memory. Exhusband. I still get upset over that one.
    Anyway, enjoy it, I think it looks great there.
    I'm good. Been missing you though.

  3. Woo-hoo, Thanks finally a blog and Frank is the one that asked me if I saw it. I love the sewing machine it looks great there like the spot was made just for it, thanks for blogging :)

  4. oh I like you in the mirror too

  5. What a wonderful sewing machine! The spot you picked out for it is just perfect.