Sunday, August 1, 2010

While Chelsea Clinton got married.....

I know you have all heard the news. Little Chelsea got married this weekend.

Her and her longtime boyfriend Marc Mecvinsky wed at the Astor Courts estate in Rhinebeck, NY. It was a near perfect summer day..

Unlike here in Oklahoma.

I do know that Chelsea was not doing this.

Picking vegetables from her sweltering garden.

Nor was she hauling goats to be sheared.

As her wedding was under way, I was enjoying my day with these little people, who wanted to go with Grandma and see what it was like on a real goat farm while there was shearing happening.

They were excited to go...We had fun...

Then we spent the next couple of hours afterward having lunch and playing games...All the while Chelsea was enjoying her lavish day...

As was I. The dryer decided to go on the blink. I had laundry to do..So I did..

In country style...Unlike Chelsea, who will never have to do this...

PS. Gayle..Maybe Mom wont see this...OMGosh.

Uncle Frank..shhh..dont tell Mom. She will have a fit...

Anyway...Life On Peebly..

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me.




  1. Personally.........I'd rather spend my day with you!!! And the grandones, too!
    You don't have a clothes line? Girl, you need a clothes line. Nothing makes me fall asleep faster than freshly line dried sheets and quilts.
    Seriously, I hope you get that dryer fixed soon. Who has time to dry everything outside anymore?

  2. Becky, I DID have a clothesline. A perfect one!! Then Mickey decided to take it down because he wanted to move it to another location. That was 2 years ago!


  3. I don't have a clothesline anymore but I used to love the smell of things dried by solar energy. (WOW! How green was that statement!) I'm just hoping there were no birds in your trees. LOL!

    And as for Chelsea - she just doesn't know what she's missing.