Monday, September 20, 2010

Addyson is 3!

I would like to know how it is possible that this little girl is nearly 3 years old already?
I cant believe that time goes by this quickly. I can remember the day she was born. Dylan asked, "When will she be a kid?" . I would have to say, that time is nearly here.

Addy Grace wanted to have her party at grandmas house. That was just fine with me.
They invited a lot of her friends. Cute kids!
There were kids everywhere!

Some girls...

Some were boys...

Everyone enjoyed playing and running and laughing and joining in the birthday celebration. They also had burgers and hot dogs. I hope everyone had a great time..

One thing I noticed is that when its time to open the gifts, all the kids want to see first hand what is opened.

They were all willing to help with opening the gifts...

The cake was delicious and pretty...

Im glad that so many people came.

And Im so glad she had her birthday party. It was all she talked about for weeks.



  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Addyson. What a cutie, but then you already knew that. LOL

    Her cake was so pretty. Very grown-up, doncha' know. It looks like she had a wonderful time with all of her friends and family celebrating with her.

  2. Oh SOOO cute!!!
    Happy belated birthday, Addie!!!