Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall decorating

I think Im going to do my fall decorating this weekend. Im excited to do it!
The weather has been beautiful here in Oklahoma. We have been having cool mornings and delightful evenings.

We had a fall bonfire party about this time last year...

Im thinking I may need to arrange another.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun at the last one.
Yes I think I will make some plans.
What are your fall plans?
Tell me.


  1. I remember your posting about the bonfire party you had last year. This weekend will be a great time to do Fall decorating. My husband picked a4 gourds day before yesterday. Maybe more will be ready by this weekend for me to use. This weekend is also the reenactment of the Dalton Raid on Coffeyville, KS. We'll definitely be going to that. 2 more points races left for the boys. G1 is leading G2 right now but things could change in the next 2 races. I entered a couple of recipes in the Good News cookbook contest this year. Oct 9th is the cookoff for the finalists. I guess I'll hear next week if I'm a finalist or not. Then there's Neewollah at Independence, KS the end of October. I hope the parades don't get rained out this year!

  2. Geeze, I wish I could make plans!
    Seems everyone else is making my plans for me.
    And they are not always good.
    Work, homework, work, homework......Calgon...take me away!!!