Thursday, September 16, 2010

The institute for the blind

My grandmothers suffers with Macular degeneration.
Along with her COPD, this can make for some very trying days.
Now there is an organization in Pennsylvania that has been helping my grandmother out. She has finally accepted their help. This took a LOT of coaxing. She always feels that someone out there needs it more than she does. She is very proud. Oh, and stubborn. Yes!
But thats ok. It makes her what she is.

This is one of the helpful items that the institute for the blind has given to her. It is the worlds most giant calculator!! It is massive! AND, it talks! How cool is that? I just couldnt get enough of playing with it. I did her check book and mine!

Also they gave her this long light for her table. It is fantastic!
Another item of interest was a talking bible. The whole bible in a little 4in by 4in talking box. Simply amazing is all I can say.

My Nanny is the coolest older chick ever. I love and adore her. So does Bob, as you can see. He was right there every chance he got so his *Nanny* could comb his hair. At one point during our visit she remarked how Bob was almost like a little human boy instead of a dog. I thought I was the only one that felt that way!!

Even with all the attention and pettings, when it was time to leave no matter where we were, Bob was the first in the car.

And there he would wait and wait until we were all ready to take off. He sure didnt want to be left behind.

Odds are, I might have noticed he wasnt with me.
What do you think?


  1. Happy Birthday, Melinda, Friday the 17th, 39 right??

  2. That calculator is great and I'd love a light like that on my scrapbooking table. Your Nanny sounds like one cool chick to me. I'm pretty sure you'd miss Bob if he wasn't in the car.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    My Grandson has the same eyesite issues. He just turned 13. A few weeks ago, at the eye institute in OKC, the dr told him he would never be given a drivers license and very heartlessly, told him there was nothing more that can be done , no reason to come back here.
    How cold and callous was that?

  4. Your Granny looks like such a sweetie!
    My Mother had the same problem. It's amazing what they come up with to help make things a little easier.
    I do believe that you would have missed him! I mean after all he is your "little boy".