Monday, September 13, 2010

My name

I recently inherited a portrait.

This is my great great grandmother, Melinda. This is who I was named after.

Dont know who this might be, but this is a charcoal sketching that is on the back.

And Im not quite sure this blue-ish flower
was actually a part of the dress....

But, regardless, it is a treasure. A family treasure.


  1. What a wonderful treasure! I just love old portraits. They just have so much character in them.

  2. I love this! How cool to have a picture of the person you were named after.
    I'm wondering if someone tried to do a charcoal portrait of Melinda later in years.

  3. Cool and strage at the same time. Why, cause I just dug out, today, a charcoal drawing of a couple, I have no idea who they are, and its in one of those bubble glass frames. The lady looks a lot like your Great Grandmother! I found this in a basement of a house my mom recently sold. She was just going to leave it, cause it was there when she bought it.