Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not my mothers pasta

During our Pennsylvania trip, we made our stop at Mickeys sisters house, as usual. We have the best time there! They always have every potato chip Ive been longing for plus my favorite hoagie in the world from OIP. They just treat me like royalty.

During the visit, Mickeys nephews girlfriend came over also. She is a teacher and hadn't yet started back to work/school, so she was able to be with us. Turns out she grows garlic. That is her in the picture standing up.

I had no idea there are so many varieties.

I told her my garlic hadn't turned out. She asked if I planted it in the fall and harvested it in spring? Well no.

I had no idea on that either...anywhoo..She gave us some samples to bring home.

I decided to try it in a pasta dish I created. I was telling my mother about it and what all I put in it and she became very quiet on the phone line. Mom? Where did I loose you?
She replied, "When you said shrimp and heavy cream together".
I knew then this was NOT my mothers pasta. This is also NOT pasta for anyone worried about calories or concerned with heart health. It is good tho.
I don't have exact measurements as I throw as I go, but I'm sure you can catch it..

I start with a couple of pounds of large uncooked shrimp. I then remove all shells and tails.
I start a pot of water to boil. I'm going to boil about a half pound of angel hair pasta soon.
I bought some fresh asparagus. It was expensive. I almost didn't..but then was I ever glad I did.. Chop that up like so.

Then in a fairly hot skillet, add some olive oil...
Chop the garlic, the asparagus, some small tomatoes, some mushrooms and some green onions and saute in the olive oil. I cook this until tender.. Set aside..

Add some butter and more garlic to the skillet then cook your shrimp..Then set aside.
This is when I add a container of heavy whipping cream to the skillet..
When that is heated then I add back the veggies and stir that around and then I add the shrimp back then turn off the heat..
Put some pasta on your plate and spoon up the shrimp mixture..
Then grate some REALLY GOOD cheese over the top...
And it should look something like this. You can sprinkle with parsley if you like for a little green color. Or not. Whatever. There are no rules at Grandmas house..
Then just in case there are a rash of vampire attacks in the area, chop up some more garlic and add butter in that skillet and make some yummy garlic bread.
All this, with a salad, is heaven on me. Not my mother..

But I bet she might like it if she would try it..
What do you think?
Tell me.


  1. We were having internet issues yesterday and I tried unsuccessfully to post this comment - you're pasta dish looks delicious!

  2. That does look delicious!
    My Captain would love it!!