Friday, October 29, 2010

Its Halloween at our State Farm office

Yes it is that time!!!!  I know my grand ones are super excited for tomorrow night...Matter of fact, they got to dress up today for the Halloween party at school..I had to drop off some vampire teeth and fake blood last night, so you know they will be SPOOKY.

Speaking of spooky, we have the office all dressed up for the occasion.. 

 With some cute stuff.... 

And interesting things..

And one down right creepy thing..... 

So creepy .......

Some just might say a little too creepy..

What do you think?

Tell me.

Love, Me

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Park day.

Theres just something about watching kids playing and swinging that can make you feel better...   

My mind, these last several days,  has been on Uncle Frank passing so suddenly.  Even tho, to some, Pennsylvania doesn't see that far away from Oklahoma, I can assure you it is definitely TOO far.  I wish I could could just jump in the car and in a few minutes be there whenever I wanted.  I would like to be there now for my family.     

 Yesterday was Park day with my grand ones.  Only the girls came along this time, as Dylan had a friend over playing video games...
Did you know Emma lost her two front teeth?

We like to feed the ducks and geese when we come here..

The ducks are mellow and kind.

The geese are beautiful and lovely but they are also mean and forceful..

This one is chasing off all the mellow ducks...
Its a great place for the kids.  It also has a walking/jogging path all around the park.   It was good to get out.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Uncle Frank

My Uncle Frank passed away today.
I still cant believe it.  
I cant imagine what Gayle (his wife) is going through tonight...Or my Mom..Or his children and grandchildren...

Please pray for my family ....

I will be back later in the week ...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh Deer!

Its interesting what you see on a game camera...
 Three bucks together here... 

Several doe.

Unusual racks

And the usual suspects...

What are your weekend plans?

Mine have changed..No fall party this weekend.  Rain and a few friends have colds and Angela will be in Tulsa visiting her grandmother who is under the weather..Therefore, I will stay on Peebly and of course tonight watch the game between the Rangers and the Yankees..

How about you?

Tell me.


PS.  Get well Uncle Frank....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boys and Cars

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had a fast car.  His name was Mickey.  There was a girl who really liked this boy.  Her name was Melinda.  Now,  Mickey not only had dashing good looks but was also known for his very cool car, a green Dodge Dart.  It had a custom paint job and was fast and quite loud!  Just what everyone liked!   
Mickey told his girlfriend, Melinda, that he was getting a 2nd (spare) car and would pick her up after school.  She was in the 11th grade at the time and was so happy to have him be there when she was through with her classes.  She told all her friends about him getting the "new" car.  Melinda had no idea what the car was, but it was going to be *cool*.   Her friends all gathered with her to wait for Mickeys arrival.  Anticipation filled the air as the girls chatted amongst themselves about how nice the new car was surely going to be and how it was going to be the best car around..Probably the fastest car too!!
It was time.  Mickey was pulling up to the school parking lot.  All eyes were on him...and his............Rambler!!!!!!! 
Melinda was so surprised...!  All the girls laughed...All the visons of a Plymouth Cuda with a blue printed engine, that could run 11 seconds in the quarter mile, all  went up in smoke!
(This isn't the actual car but very close.  Well except Mickeys Rambler was blue and there was an American flag attached to the antenna.)

Even after that most embarrassing day, Melinda remained in love with Mickey...and every now and then actually drove the Rambler.  After all, it did have a chrome Kleenex dispenser that folded up under the dash.. 
I kid you not...

Mickeys love for cars has continued through the years...

This old Bronco sits beside the shop on Peebly...
One day, Mickey hopes to totally restore this...He has had it for years..  
Its a classic also...

In the meantime he has his two wheel hobby...
This love of cars and things with wheels has been passed down through the genes.. 

Our son has had his fun with racing...

And Dylan has been known to scoot around on things with wheels...

Even Bob loves to ride....!!!!
Do you have a funny dating story?

Tell me!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bee Careful!

The other day, while I was out digging up sweet potatoes, I noticed a bee....
So, I just stopped everything I was doing and began to take pictures of said bee.   
Bees are really amazing and fun to watch.  They just dig in with earnest and pay no mind to anything around, that I can tell.  The pollen covering their little legs..Wonderful to watch..
Did you know, when I was a little girl, we used to catch bees?  Its true.  My Aunt Grace taught me how to do this.  If a bee has a white dot in the middle of its forehead, it cannot sting.  BUT, if the forehead is solid black, they have the capability of stinging..Upon catching the bee, you can then tie thread around its middle, keeping in mind this is still a living creature, so tie it loosely, and then walk around with the bee on the string and pretend they are a kite.  Now, please, I am in no way encouraging this practice, as I would not want harm to befall the bee, but just sharing an experience of my youth.  We lived in the country and found simple things to occupy our time.
In the midst of my day dreaming I heard Bob calling me...     

"Sniff Sniff.  I smell something burning...!!!!!!"
"Uh Hello????Did you forget you were cooking a roast chicken dinner in the house?  Do you think you might want to check on the pot of giblets you let simmering on the stove?"  

Smoke filled the house!!!  Lucky for me, I have a "whole house fan".    The giblets, alas, could not be saved.... 

So I turned the fan on and soon enough the house was clear enough to breathe again.  I put water in the smoking pan to boil in hopes of getting some of the burned remnants out and went back to my bee business... 

There is nothing like a fall morning with not much to do but exactly what you want to be doing....I totally lost track of time and space. 

Then Bob started his sniffing again..

"Seriously, I smell smoke again!!"

Who says you cant burn water?  I did!!!  The pan was burned, TWICE!!!  Ruined this time..
Oh brother...I give up!

Has this ever happened to you?

Tell me.


PS:  To bee or not to bee.  For those of you who may have been wondering, I have decided NOT to keep my Facebook account.  Nothing personal, just wasnt for me...
You may now resume your reguarly scheduled programming.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hands down

This is hands down one of the best gifts from the grand ones ever!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Camp out with Emma

Last Friday night, Emma came over because we wanted to camp out in the tent.  The fall is here and pretty soon it will too cold to sleep outside.  I picked Emma up after work and we went to the grocery store for our must have items that no camper should be without...
1.  Jiffy Pop popcorn.
        2.  Ingredients for smores 
   3.  Steaks for the grill   
So after shopping, doing the barn work, and then setting up the tent we started dinner.  After a hearty meal and making popcorn, (we never got to the smores) my little camping partner looked like this..
 Sound asleep at the kitchen table.....
 I decided I wasn't going to take her out to the tent.  In fact, I carried her and put her to bed.  Then  I began to close up the house for the night and clean up.  As I reached for the hall light, there stood Emma.  Wide awake.  "Thought we were camping out"?  She said.  

So out we went...

Then before daybreak we were back in the house...

We had pancakes to make.....

She makes her own as you know...

When was the last time you *camped out*?

Tell me..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Cowboy and the Lady

Dylan and Emma at the Oklahoma State Fair when they were babies...

One day they will appreciate this picture.  At the time.  Not..

It cracks me up tho!!!


It was the 1970's

I really cant tell you how much I loved the 1970's.  I loved everything about it..
The music.  The clothes.  It was just me.
Some might say it is still me. 

This is what I looked like in 1973.
This is what my brother looked like...
We really did look quite similar, wouldnt you say??

This is what my other brother and sisters looked like in the 70"s... 

This is my baby sister...She will always be my baby sister, because....well...She is the baby.  She will always be my baby sister..

I think its unusual that my younger sister would wear a pin on her collar with this dress, dont you?  I will have to ask her about that...She will always be the younger sister.  Compared to me that is..She likes to remind me a lot that she is the YOUNGER sister.  And that is ok.  Because she is afterall, the middle child.  They say it is hard being the middle child.. 

Now this is my baby brother.  He was, is, and will always be my baby brother.  I dont care how old he gets.  He called my cell phone yesterday and left a message.
"Hello?  Its me.  Your favorite brother.  I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you, ok?  Have a good day."
Now I dont tell either brother they are my favorite.  They each just assume that they are.  

So anyway, back in grade school did you have a best friend?  I actually have a note somewhere from my friend here.  She wrote asking me to be her BEST friend.  I had to decline the offer as at the time, I wrote, that I already had a BEST friend and couldnt be her BEST friend, but I would be her friend. What a brat I was!
Now really, how silly was that?  Couldnt we just be friends with everyone?  Did we have to have just the ONE BEST FRIEND and then remain exclusive?  I guess so... 

I thought this was cute.  To a good friend in my room or "anyplace".

Are there things you would have done differently, should you have the chance again, while you were in grade school?

Tell me.