Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bee Careful!

The other day, while I was out digging up sweet potatoes, I noticed a bee....
So, I just stopped everything I was doing and began to take pictures of said bee.   
Bees are really amazing and fun to watch.  They just dig in with earnest and pay no mind to anything around, that I can tell.  The pollen covering their little legs..Wonderful to watch..
Did you know, when I was a little girl, we used to catch bees?  Its true.  My Aunt Grace taught me how to do this.  If a bee has a white dot in the middle of its forehead, it cannot sting.  BUT, if the forehead is solid black, they have the capability of stinging..Upon catching the bee, you can then tie thread around its middle, keeping in mind this is still a living creature, so tie it loosely, and then walk around with the bee on the string and pretend they are a kite.  Now, please, I am in no way encouraging this practice, as I would not want harm to befall the bee, but just sharing an experience of my youth.  We lived in the country and found simple things to occupy our time.
In the midst of my day dreaming I heard Bob calling me...     

"Sniff Sniff.  I smell something burning...!!!!!!"
"Uh Hello????Did you forget you were cooking a roast chicken dinner in the house?  Do you think you might want to check on the pot of giblets you let simmering on the stove?"  

Smoke filled the house!!!  Lucky for me, I have a "whole house fan".    The giblets, alas, could not be saved.... 

So I turned the fan on and soon enough the house was clear enough to breathe again.  I put water in the smoking pan to boil in hopes of getting some of the burned remnants out and went back to my bee business... 

There is nothing like a fall morning with not much to do but exactly what you want to be doing....I totally lost track of time and space. 

Then Bob started his sniffing again..

"Seriously, I smell smoke again!!"

Who says you cant burn water?  I did!!!  The pan was burned, TWICE!!!  Ruined this time..
Oh brother...I give up!

Has this ever happened to you?

Tell me.


PS:  To bee or not to bee.  For those of you who may have been wondering, I have decided NOT to keep my Facebook account.  Nothing personal, just wasnt for me...
You may now resume your reguarly scheduled programming.


  1. Poor Bob - sometimes the hoo-mans are just hopeless aren't they? grin. Very cool about your bee pets...sounds like something out of a fairy tale.

  2. Sorry about the pan.
    Sounds like a good idea for a Christmas gift though.
    Love those bee shots! Very clear. Bees are one thing I love to take pics of. I guess it's the challenge of getting a "good" shot.
    We used to catch junebugs and tie a string in the same manner you do with the bees. Country fun...it makes the best memories.