Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boys and Cars

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had a fast car.  His name was Mickey.  There was a girl who really liked this boy.  Her name was Melinda.  Now,  Mickey not only had dashing good looks but was also known for his very cool car, a green Dodge Dart.  It had a custom paint job and was fast and quite loud!  Just what everyone liked!   
Mickey told his girlfriend, Melinda, that he was getting a 2nd (spare) car and would pick her up after school.  She was in the 11th grade at the time and was so happy to have him be there when she was through with her classes.  She told all her friends about him getting the "new" car.  Melinda had no idea what the car was, but it was going to be *cool*.   Her friends all gathered with her to wait for Mickeys arrival.  Anticipation filled the air as the girls chatted amongst themselves about how nice the new car was surely going to be and how it was going to be the best car around..Probably the fastest car too!!
It was time.  Mickey was pulling up to the school parking lot.  All eyes were on him...and his............Rambler!!!!!!! 
Melinda was so surprised...!  All the girls laughed...All the visons of a Plymouth Cuda with a blue printed engine, that could run 11 seconds in the quarter mile, all  went up in smoke!
(This isn't the actual car but very close.  Well except Mickeys Rambler was blue and there was an American flag attached to the antenna.)

Even after that most embarrassing day, Melinda remained in love with Mickey...and every now and then actually drove the Rambler.  After all, it did have a chrome Kleenex dispenser that folded up under the dash.. 
I kid you not...

Mickeys love for cars has continued through the years...

This old Bronco sits beside the shop on Peebly...
One day, Mickey hopes to totally restore this...He has had it for years..  
Its a classic also...

In the meantime he has his two wheel hobby...
This love of cars and things with wheels has been passed down through the genes.. 

Our son has had his fun with racing...

And Dylan has been known to scoot around on things with wheels...

Even Bob loves to ride....!!!!
Do you have a funny dating story?

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  1. Not a dating story but when we first got married neither of us had a car and my husband's mother loaned us her light blue Rambler station wagon. It had seen it's better days but it was certainly better than walking! I had arranged to buy an old black and yellow (think bumblebee looking) Ford Fairlane from my brother-in-law but he said I couldn't have it until I could show him I had insurance for it. It took us a couple of weeks or so to get the insurance and we had a car of our own.

  2. Yeah, my Captain drove a big 4-wheel drive truck and loved to floor it while driving over railroad tracks. Which left me scrambling for something to hold on to to keep from bouncing my head off the roof.