Friday, October 15, 2010

Camp out with Emma

Last Friday night, Emma came over because we wanted to camp out in the tent.  The fall is here and pretty soon it will too cold to sleep outside.  I picked Emma up after work and we went to the grocery store for our must have items that no camper should be without...
1.  Jiffy Pop popcorn.
        2.  Ingredients for smores 
   3.  Steaks for the grill   
So after shopping, doing the barn work, and then setting up the tent we started dinner.  After a hearty meal and making popcorn, (we never got to the smores) my little camping partner looked like this..
 Sound asleep at the kitchen table.....
 I decided I wasn't going to take her out to the tent.  In fact, I carried her and put her to bed.  Then  I began to close up the house for the night and clean up.  As I reached for the hall light, there stood Emma.  Wide awake.  "Thought we were camping out"?  She said.  

So out we went...

Then before daybreak we were back in the house...

We had pancakes to make.....

She makes her own as you know...

When was the last time you *camped out*?

Tell me..


  1. Awww - what a cutie! Those pancakes look GOOD. Can she come over and show me how to not burn them?

  2. I think it's great Miss Emma can make her own pancakes and what a great job she does, too. We haven't been able to truly camp for 2 years. We did live in our trailer for a few months while the house was being finished and our other house was on the market. I really wanted to go camping this fall but I'm afraid that's not going to happen. I do have high hopes for next spring though.

  3. Went camping over the summer, but in a camper. I'm done with sleeping on the ground. tee hee
    The pancakes look great and I'll bet they tasted great too!