Thursday, October 14, 2010

It was the 1970's

I really cant tell you how much I loved the 1970's.  I loved everything about it..
The music.  The clothes.  It was just me.
Some might say it is still me. 

This is what I looked like in 1973.
This is what my brother looked like...
We really did look quite similar, wouldnt you say??

This is what my other brother and sisters looked like in the 70"s... 

This is my baby sister...She will always be my baby sister, because....well...She is the baby.  She will always be my baby sister..

I think its unusual that my younger sister would wear a pin on her collar with this dress, dont you?  I will have to ask her about that...She will always be the younger sister.  Compared to me that is..She likes to remind me a lot that she is the YOUNGER sister.  And that is ok.  Because she is afterall, the middle child.  They say it is hard being the middle child.. 

Now this is my baby brother.  He was, is, and will always be my baby brother.  I dont care how old he gets.  He called my cell phone yesterday and left a message.
"Hello?  Its me.  Your favorite brother.  I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you, ok?  Have a good day."
Now I dont tell either brother they are my favorite.  They each just assume that they are.  

So anyway, back in grade school did you have a best friend?  I actually have a note somewhere from my friend here.  She wrote asking me to be her BEST friend.  I had to decline the offer as at the time, I wrote, that I already had a BEST friend and couldnt be her BEST friend, but I would be her friend. What a brat I was!
Now really, how silly was that?  Couldnt we just be friends with everyone?  Did we have to have just the ONE BEST FRIEND and then remain exclusive?  I guess so... 

I thought this was cute.  To a good friend in my room or "anyplace".

Are there things you would have done differently, should you have the chance again, while you were in grade school?

Tell me.



  1. Yes, you and your brother definitely resemble eachother.
    Things I would change? Hmmm, in grade school? Yes, some good, some not so good. There's a certain principal at a certain grade school that to this day I'd still like to give a piece of my mind to. He embarrased my best friend in front of the whole class. And I will never forgive him for that.

  2. The picture of you and your brother - definitely a "Donny and Marie" moment in time. (I hope you like Donny and Marie!) Is there anything I would like th change about grade school. Nope, can't think of a thing. Junior High and High school are other stories though.