Friday, October 29, 2010

Its Halloween at our State Farm office

Yes it is that time!!!!  I know my grand ones are super excited for tomorrow night...Matter of fact, they got to dress up today for the Halloween party at school..I had to drop off some vampire teeth and fake blood last night, so you know they will be SPOOKY.

Speaking of spooky, we have the office all dressed up for the occasion.. 

 With some cute stuff.... 

And interesting things..

And one down right creepy thing..... 

So creepy .......

Some just might say a little too creepy..

What do you think?

Tell me.

Love, Me


  1. Oh, no...not too creepy! Halloween is my favorite holiday. You just can't get too creepy for me.
    Sounds like a fun office you work in!!

  2. Halloween is definitely a favorite of mine. Can't wait to see what your grands chose to wear this year.