Friday, October 8, 2010

Love fall colors

Got the fall stuff out...This little guy I have had for probably 25 years. I actually think he came from AVON. Dont remember exactly. Hes been with me a long time tho.
I put him out in the kitchen.
This little sunflower girl came from my Mom. Thanks Mom!!!Shes in the living room.
So is this.
The hand prints were my birthday present from the Grand Ones.
This hangs on my front door. It reminds of the 3 kids. Dylan in the middle with a sister on either side.

Theres one now!!!!
And look what they have hanging up at their house!!! SPOOKY!
I have a few of these sitting around..
Nows the time to bring in what nature gives you.
The plan is to pick up Emma after work today...We are going to put the tent up and sleep out in the yard tonight.
We are going to build a fire and make hot dogs and smores.
Then we are going to bring a tv from the house and run the cable wire to the tent and watch tv while having pop corn. Who knows, we may even stay out there all night!!! Or maybe not....Im sure I will have pictures to share next week..
And naturally, Bob will be with us...
What are YOU doing this weekend?

Tell me.



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