Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh Deer!

Its interesting what you see on a game camera...
 Three bucks together here... 

Several doe.

Unusual racks

And the usual suspects...

What are your weekend plans?

Mine have changed..No fall party this weekend.  Rain and a few friends have colds and Angela will be in Tulsa visiting her grandmother who is under the weather..Therefore, I will stay on Peebly and of course tonight watch the game between the Rangers and the Yankees..

How about you?

Tell me.


PS.  Get well Uncle Frank....


  1. That camera gets great shots!
    I love watching nature in action.
    My shower, birthday party and homework. Busy, busy, always.

  2. It was a wet weekend! I had to park out in the "north 40" at the fairgrounds which prohibitied me from buying some of the cutest rocks painted like snowmen heads from one of the vendors at "Affair of the Heart." They would have been much to heavy to lug back to the car in the pouring rain. Girlie and I had a good time birthday shopping though. A little rain didn't get in the way of that.