Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Park day.

Theres just something about watching kids playing and swinging that can make you feel better...   

My mind, these last several days,  has been on Uncle Frank passing so suddenly.  Even tho, to some, Pennsylvania doesn't see that far away from Oklahoma, I can assure you it is definitely TOO far.  I wish I could could just jump in the car and in a few minutes be there whenever I wanted.  I would like to be there now for my family.     

 Yesterday was Park day with my grand ones.  Only the girls came along this time, as Dylan had a friend over playing video games...
Did you know Emma lost her two front teeth?

We like to feed the ducks and geese when we come here..

The ducks are mellow and kind.

The geese are beautiful and lovely but they are also mean and forceful..

This one is chasing off all the mellow ducks...
Its a great place for the kids.  It also has a walking/jogging path all around the park.   It was good to get out.



  1. Hang in there. Revel in the beauty of the little things... take care.

  2. I've thought of you and your family often over the past several days. I know it's a hard time for you especially being so far from your family. I'm glad you had your day at the park. Emma is such a cutie anyway, then add missing front teeth and she's just over the top adorable!

  3. Shoot...watching them swing makes me want to swing, too!
    I so wish for you that you could be in Pa with your family. I know how hard it is to be so far away. **hugs**
    I love going to parks, but rarely ever go. I need to get my little grandone and just go! The others are either to old for the park or too far away. ~sigh~