Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sonic night

Ever been to a Sonic???

Every week, typically on Monday, I drop by after work and pick up the Grand Ones and we go to Sonic. Just us. Me and the three. That way we can talk about school, clothes and whatever else comes to our minds. They get to order whatever they want. No rules, remember?
This can range anywhere from burgers and fries to mozzeralla sticks to strawberry cream slushes to raspberry tea.

Emma wore some adorable PEACE earrings this week.
Dylan brought along a magazine. Seems this is a new interest to him. "What happened to Thomas the Train?" I asked.
"HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!" "Grandma, that is so funny!!!!"
"Thomas is for kids!"

"Yeah, Grandma, that is crazy"

"I like Thomas the Train"..Me too, Addy!

We usually spend about a half hour. Its a nice way to spend a little extra time with these children.
They love it!!

And the food is delicious!!



  1. Sonic is great! It's our choice of fast-food places. I must say though that I'm glad to see they haven't been running those 2 goofy guy ads lately.

  2. Yep, we have Sonic over here, too.
    I love those Cherry Limeades!