Friday, October 1, 2010

The summer of 2010

Summer is winding down. Officially I suppose, it is already over.

I hope you don't mind all the pictures with this, but to me, there was no way around it.

I have an entire summer to talk about...

We painted our house in 100 degrees..

Our painting helper also played guitar and was quite the story teller. This is the second time he has painted our house. He said he didn't think he would be available for the next time. Retiring.

Marley continues to be a happy dog living with our family.

Her eyesight is failing.

As is my grandmothers....She will be 91 in November.

Mickeys mother will be 93..

We got to visit with both these ladies this summer.

As did Bob.

Here he is getting combed.

And Bob also was spoiled by my Mom. She adores him.

My Mom and Jim also helped with painting Nanes living room this summer.

Which leads me to Uncle Franks family reunion where the police were called to clear the pavilion that they had rented. Seems there were others that tried to claim the spot and finally the law had to come and settle the dispute.

Once again, I don't make up this stuff/ It really just happens! :)

(Hi Uncle Frank!!)

And while we are talking about Uncle Frank, would you all say a little prayer for Yuki..

Yuki belongs to Aunt Gayle and Uncle Frank. He has been having seizures and needs our prayers..

This summer Dinky passed away.
I miss him..

Delilah has broke free (a bit) from her bondage of past abuse and has finally begun to let me pet her on a daily basis. This has been a constant mix of pushing and pulling and patience and trust over a period of I believe 5 or 6 years...It took that long. She must have suffered terribly somewhere before. Her eyes called to me at the rescue. Shes home now.

The morning glories just took over my place..

The garden did well...

Bob helped as much as he could..

The kids grew and grew. Teeth were formed and teeth were lost. We had tons of fun.

Pancakes were made. Tons of them.

Alice has fit right in with us. She has a frisky and playful personality. But she is a killer. Lots of birds, lizards and frogs have met an untimely death because of this cat. Oh and also a squirrel and several rabbits. I'm still not sure what to do about this..

All in all, the summer has been good. I always feel bad saying goodbye to these little birds...But sure as next summer will be here before we know it, they shall return.

Now its time to watch the leaves fall.

How was your summer?

Tell me.




  1. Our summer was FAST! Where did it go? So glad Delilah has made a breakthrough.

  2. Wow, had been a busy summer for you!!
    It's seems to have flown by over here, too.
    Since it's happening to us both, I'm wondering if the planet is spinning a little faster? LOL
    For some reason I lost your link in my reader and thought you hadn't been posting.
    So I stopped in just to check.
    And I have missed it ALL!