Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Digging a footing

Bob and I went along with Mickey last weekend while he did a footing.  If you have had a house built you will be familiar with this process.  Its breaking ground.  Its the beginning of the foundation.  Its whats makes your house withstand the tests of time....and all that..  
Anyway..this is how it all begins..
 The concrete guy goes to the location and lays out the outline of the house. 
 Then Mickey goes to said location and unloads the trackhoe.  We have two machines.  One smaller than this for those *hard to get to places*.  For example, if you have job that would perhaps require your entire septic system be replaced, and you lived in a neighborhood with fencing etc, he could come through the gate instead of tearing down the fence.  Pretty cool..
 The first scoop.   Being careful to keep a straight line is very important!!!
 And all this has to be done without loosing track of the painted lines or messing them up with the machine as you are working...
 And get this.   You have to dig the footing 18 inches deep.  Not 15, not 20, but 18!  How hard would that be?  For me?  Impossible..But Mickey does it and he does this alone. 
 Bucket after bucket of dirt....
 Mickey is the best, I have to say..
 This dog across the street was very interested in what was going on.  Not so much about the dirt work but Bob was there.. 

What made the job so difficult was it was windy and it was dry!  The dirt was blowing everywhere...our hair, our eyes...

 Close your eyes Bob!!!!

This is just one of the things that Mickey does on a daily basis.  He takes care of us.  Its hard work,  sometimes long hours and miserable conditions.   But its what he does and Im proud of him for it.



  1. You have reason to be very proud of your wonderful husband! Although I've never met you or Mickey, I just know what fantastic people you both are.

    We didn't get to see the actual digging of our footing but it was amazing to me how very precise everything was.

  2. Truly an art to that footing! Bob. Cutie patootie.

  3. Wow, I never knew there was so much precision to to the footers. I learned something new today.
    Gotta love our husbands for working so hard just to take care of us.