Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Bob and I went over to see what the grand ones had up their sleeves for Halloween.... 

I just couldn't get this goblin to slow down and talk to me!!!!

Bob thought it was very peculiar!!!!

We did see this lovely lady...
With extra lovely eyes!!

Oh no!! Watch out little bunny!!!

She loved getting into her "character"....

I discovered some interesting things about my camera this weekend.  I will share some of the photos this week with you. 

How was your Halloween?

Tell me.



  1. Aww - adorable kiddos! We were very boring and "adult" for Halloween. Did nothing but watch some Ghost Hunter type shows on the ol' boob tube in honor of Halloween.

  2. Emma's eyes are gorgeous but the photo with her missing teeth is my favorite. She looks adorable just like Addy does. Dylan's costume was pretty scary. I got a true scare on Halloween when I remembered that I hadn't renewed my driver's license. EEEKKKK! I got it taken care of this morning though. Whew!

  3. I miss making costumes and running from door to door. Next year I'm going with my grandkids whether they like it or not. tee hee Maybe I'll dress up too.
    Now that my kids are older they don't go trick or treating anymore. Well my Grandkids did, but part of them are out of state and the others weren't sure where they were going.
    My youngest son stayed home with friends and did the video game thing. So the Captain and I went to a friends party and had a blast, eating oysters and marshmallows (not together), sitting around a fire chatting and goofing and playing cornhole.