Thursday, November 11, 2010

In honor of Veterans

My Dad..Front & center kneeling...
Thank you....

Thank you Uncle Frank....

We had a visit today from my co-workers husband.  He is dressed in a WWI dough boy uniform..He had been to a Veterans day memorial service.  I didn't have my camera with me, but we do have our office camera, so we snapped a few photos of him. 
This uniform is made of wool.  Its not that cold here today and he was, lets say, a tad uncomfortable.  We recognized just one small discomfort that a soldier had to endure.  There were/are many.  So this day we all need to take a moment and honor those who served for us..

I think these pictures turned out pretty good ...
And he was a good sport to pose..

Today is also my grandmothers 91st birthday....

Love you Nanny!!!!  Your the best...I hope you are having the best day ever..!

Bob wanted to talk about going along this past weekend to do a job with *dad* but that will have to wait until tomorrow..

What did you do today?

Tell me.



  1. Happy belated birthday to Melinda's Grandmother!!!
    Love the uniform and the pics.
    Today? School, homework, homework, homework....
    Can't wait till it's over!

  2. Love that pix of your Grandmother... cute as a button!