Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas list

I am probably half finished with my shopping for the grand ones.  Music is the theme it appears for this year.  I bought Emma a pink guitar and Dylan a youth size acoustic.    
This one..

We will go out on Saturday and get a picture taken with Santa.  Probably at Bass Pro Shop.  They usually have REAL reindeer there also..

I have three boxes to get ready to ship to Pennsylvania.  They are for my mother in law, my grandmother and for my mother. 
I did a photo album for my son and daughter in law.  This includes lots of pictures of the grand ones that I'm sure they have never seen, since I am the one with the camera most of the time.  They will love it.

Mickey and I will probably buy one item that will be a gift for each other. 

I have one gift to buy in the office as we draw names.  We all go in on a present for the boss.

That about sums up my *to do* list..

Except for Bob!!!!!

How are you doing with your list?

Tell me!



  1. We put some lights up around our little garden square. Such a small "display" and yet it makes both Furry Husband and I smile and say how festive it is around here...

  2. We have everything bought for the grands, our daughter and her husband. We know what we're getting for our son and his wife so that's not a problem. My husband needs to figure out what he's getting his mother. Then I'll be making goodie baskets for his sisters and brother and their families. I've bought a couple of things for my husband. Don't know if he's even thought about anything for me but that's ok. There's not anything I really want except maybe the Eclipse video. I wonder if he'll think of that?

  3. Wish I was as far along as you.**sigh**