Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas past

Ive been looking back at some pictures through the years that I have of Christmas past...
This one is when I had curly and shorter hair...and no glasses..

This one was when we lived in a town called Cross Keys..That is me on the left and my brother Guss, little brother Kenny and my sister DD.  Not sure where my youngest sister was at that time but my guess is probably asleep in her crib as she would have been a baby then...I would venture to guess the dog, which my brother is so gently holding, would be Doodle bug.  He was a great dog.  Our grandfather had run over his tail in our driveway and from then on it just hung there, lifeless, no feeling..My dad took Doodle bug to town one day and during that trip the dog escaped the car and went missing.  He was gone for months.  One day our Aunt Sandy was in town and noticed this dog that looked a lot like Doodle bug walking down the sidewalk.  Sandy called out to him and he ran over.  It was him!!!!  He had a collar on and someone had taken him in and loved him.  We got him back!  Doodle bug was a great dog.   

Here again at the same house. 

I found these of the Grand ones in 2007...

You can only imagine what was going through her mind here in the picture!!

Or what she was looking at here..

Looking forward to many more Christmas memories..I do believe I will go back through my albums and see what else I can find from Christmas past.

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

Tell me.



  1. Your granddaughters sure do resemble you when you were little.

    I have a few favorite memories of Christmas - #1 was when our son wet his pants while on Santa's lap. He had overalls on and there's this very dark blue spot on them in the picture.

    I had you in mind when I posted the goat video today. I thought you'd like it.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Oh yes, one Christmas I remember waking my Dad and asking if Santa had come. It was still dark. He told me he didn't know and I should go check. I remember walking to the end of the hall and turning on the light and then running back up the hall screaming Santa was here, Santa was here. I'll bet I woke the whole neighborhood.