Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Now we come to the end of another year.  Lots of things happened ..

Emma lost her front teeth...

Mickey did a lot of digging which is good. 

Bob remains my sweet boy ...always...

Marley explored the lake....

We fed a lot of wild animals...

I lost Dinky.  He had a good life with us.

Did a little camping.
Did a lot of painting and remodeling of the house on Peebly.
Went to my Nannys and did a lot of painting there too..

Mickey visited with his mother as I did with mine...

Brought back a family heirloom. 
We did a lot of things this past year.  The kids grew and grew.  That has been the great part..

But sadly, my Uncle Frank passed away this year.  Still hard to believe as he was much too young in my opinion and had a lot of living yet to do.  I miss him and always will.  I know that my Aunt Gayle is hurt and saddened as is my mother and everyone else in our family.  He started a family reunion 3 short years ago and I hope it continues. 
You will always be my favorite uncle..Until later...

 So lets cherish the good times.
The best to all of you in 2011.
Love always and forever,
PS.  Thanks especially to my Mom for listening everyday to me.  Her cards and thoughtfulness and words, make doing the hardest thing Ive ever done, living away from family, a little easier...Thank you Mommy. 

With much appreciation,
Your 51 year old kid.

My Mom.


  1. Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! I know you have wonderful things in store for you in 2011.