Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Ben

I realize I talk a LOT about my dog Bob...

And I also talk quite a bit about my dog Marley....

They have the life...Romping and frolicking all day long.

Sleeping in bed ...Cozy as can be when its cold outside.

Taking naps when they feel like it...

But I also have other dogs.  Dogs that have *jobs*... 

This dog has never taken a nap on the couch.  This dogs job is to protect the goats..... 
Forever on guard. 

I am telling you this dog is LARGE.....Ben is the biggest dog I have ever been around.  Ever..

He is an

Anatolian Shepard..This breed originated in Turkey.  They are used to fend off such prey as wolves, coyotes, bears and even Cheetahs!  This is one tough canine...

My Ben is as sweet as can be to me and anyone I take down to the barn area.  He is gentle with my grandchildren and would never hurt them in any way.   I trust him totally.  BUT..I can assure you, if anyone or anything was hurting his herd, it would become serious business quick! 

I have had Ben since he was a bitty puppy.  My vet stated she never saw a puppy grow so big so fast.  I was milking the entire time during his puppy hood, and every evening he would get a gigantic bowl of goats milk for dinner.  He grew big, strong and healthy!  But he also believes he is indeed a goat.  This is evident in that he likes to eat their food, sleep right alongside them and cries when they are out of his sight.  Its a scene to behold. 

I really admire the livestock guardian group..

But I also admire the
1.  I cant live without you
2.  I am the best boy ever
3.  Can I have a treat?
4.  Love me just because I'm cute
group of dogs also...

This one has me wrapped around his little paw..



  1. I think dogs are extrodinary... how they become in tune uniquely to our lives... how their genetics tie them to particular traits like Ben and his *job*... they are pretty cool creatures for sure!

  2. It's nice to meet your other guys. I have never heard of the breed like Ben. He's awesome. How big is he? My Sammy is 145 pounds but he's on a diet.

    I love to read about Bob...keep your stories coming!

  3. So sweet! I love my dogs, too.
    A local farmer here needs a Ben for his alpaca farm. A pit bull squeezed under the fence the other day and killed 4 of his alpacas. Those poor animals are so docile and so defenseless that it's sad. They only defense they have is to spit. And that don't work with a pit.