Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am so out of shape

It was nice having two long weekends.  The festivities were terrific!!

Then came reality!  Time to get back to work......
The girls were all in need of getting their hooves trimmed.  This is not as easy a job as you might think.  I have to go down to the barn and get the dogs out and then close the door so they stay out.  Then round up the girls and put them in different stalls.
Then one by one, lead them out and put them up on the milk stand and secure them in with a feeder of grain.  Then trim the hooves.  Typically when its time to do the back hooves they kick a bit.  This can make the procedure difficult.  Don't they know how easy it could be if they would just cooperate??
This one is the best ...Marrissa.  She spent two years on that stand when I was milking her.  She withstood the yanks and pulls and the pain of it all as I struggled to get it right..   Oh I cant imagine what she endured!  Finally, I learned how to milk properly and it got much better.  She will jump right up on that stand anytime I want her to.  She knows that a treat is always waiting for her.   
Anyway.  I trimmed all their hooves and I'm glad its done.  But am I ever sore from the effort.  Not to mention that same afternoon I helped Mickey stretch some fence cable.  That is not as easy as you may think either!  So between the two tasks, my muscles are screaming ...Which tells me I am just plain out of shape!!  I may need to work on that!!

How is your week going?

Tell me!



  1. Yesterday, I did a lot and got a lot accomplished. Today I did a lot and accomplished very little. I hate days like today!
    I've never trimmed a goat hoof, but I know all about stretching fence. And you're right...it ain't easy.

  2. Yesterday I helped take inventory at the scrapbook store closest to me. Today I'm going back just to play! Hope you have a super day!

  3. Mine need trims too and I've been cold and dark averse... maybe this weekend. Oh - and vaccinations too. They're gonna love me...