Tuesday, January 18, 2011

These old houses

I just love old houses...I thought I would introduce you to some old family homes..

This one is where my grandmother grew up. 
The white section is where the *wash house* was and the room above the play house..This house has 4 bedrooms, 1 bath,  a kitchen with a walk thru pantry, dining room and two living rooms..My own father was born in this house and I lived here for 2 years or so during my early teen years.  My great grandfather and grandmother both passed away here.  There is a LOT of family history in this house.  It is a Sears house.


The old shed and outhouse still sit out back...

This is what we refer to as the *cave* which is out the back of my grandmothers house ...It was built by hand by my grandfather and great uncle.  As kids we were both intrigued and afraid of this room.  It was built for cold storage of course but we thought it housed ghosts as well.  This would serve  dual purpose here in Oklahoma as an excellent storm shelter.  (All these places I'm showing you today are in Pennsylvania.)

This house is where my husbands grandmother grew up.  I took a picture of it a couple of years ago with my grandchildren on the steps of the front of the house.  These children had no idea at the time of the significance of the photo op.  

On the same trip I took a picture of them beside an old barn at my aunt and uncles place. 

This is the childhood home of my husbands mother.  She was raised here with her brothers.  It is now a historical home in that town.  She has told us many stories of life here including being allowed to rollar skate on the hardwood floors throughout the house...What a life!

I just love old houses and all the stories they have to tell.



  1. Thanks for posting the story of the Sears home. Its always nice to learn something new.

  2. We always thought our place was a kit home... so cool. Love your pix of your old homes and yes...all that history and living that takes and took place... truly amazing.

  3. You can feel the memories that fill these homes....

  4. Me, too! If the walls could talk.....
    I have never heard of the Sears house. Interesting! I learned something new today. tee hee