Monday, January 10, 2011

A very curious creature indeed.

We have had a lot of fun with our wildlife camera.  We have many deer that come to feed. 
We also have other animals that pass through.  I suppose they are hunting for something to eat also.. 
(Wiley E Coyote)
 Some are furry and cute and others are slinky and dangerous.. 
(Bob cat)

And every now and then we get something that we just aren't sure of.  Like this curious creature.  We just are not sure what this is.    

There is an animal called a Ringtail .   But I don't think this is one because this animal appears to be kind of large.  Perhaps 15 lbs or so...

Do you have any ideas what this is?

Tell me.




  1. Chupacabra?

    Heh heh. I think it looks like a domestic cat... but maybe I can't see the pix very clearly to see it's not.

    glasses anyone?

  2. Is it a raccoon? Kind of looks like one. Where do you live that you have such awesome wildlife? I'm so jealous! I live in Central Va. and we have some fun wildlife but yours rocks :)

  3. That is an interesting animal! I showed the photo to my husband but he didn't know what it is either.

  4. At first, I thought racoon because of the tail. But the body doesn't look like a racoon.
    I have no idea, but if you ever find out I'd like to know. You know....just in case I ever run across one. tee hee