Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lorikeets attack

Its true....I am living proof of this little known fact....Let me explain..

The Grand Ones wanted to go to the zoo on Saturday.  Granted it was a BEAUTIFUL day in Oklahoma, so many others had the same idea.  It was a very busy day at the Okc Zoo.

Dylan said the main thing he wanted to do was feed the Lorikeets.

The lorikeets were kept in a netted enclosure.  People are allowed to walk into this area and the birds are on perches and trees and the birds see you have a little container of nectar (purchased before entry at $3.00 per tiny container)  and they approach you by either flying and landing on you or walking down a limb to get closer to you and the much desired treat ...

I held a container in my left hand and as I was attempting to lift the little plastic lid, Emma tugged on the left arm wanting to hold the cup herself, just as Dylan pulled on the right arm to have his turn.  This caused the whole thing to spill just as the bird was about to get his first drink... 
For a split second it was all very comical...
Until., the lorikeet,  in his obvious disappointment in having his much awaited sip of nectar ripped so tragically from his beak, decided I needed to be punished for the act...He bit my finger with such force and apparent anger that blood began to immediately spill on the floor.  It hurt like MAD!..
I gathered the kids and made an immediate exit of the bird madhouse..I then went into the rest room and soaped up and washed the gash on my finger.  It took some time for the bleeding to finally stop..The Grand Ones decided, after they knew I would be ok, that the bird event was the highlight of the day..
when seemingly innocent birds attack.. 

Be careful out there!!


Monday, February 21, 2011


Whew!!  What a busy few days!!!!

Last week I took a GOOD look at Bob and Marley... 

I decided a professional was needed..
I glanced at the weather forecast and determined that there was not a blizzard in the near future...

But I did decide that haircuts and toe trims were in dire need...

When you see your dog running up the driveway with flowing locks like this, it is indeed time...

This is now what Marley looks like...

And yes, this is Bob. 
They are resting tonight..Exhausted from a whole day at the groomers...I am also exhausted because even tho I had the day off, I nervously cleaned house as I waited for them to be taken care of.  I knew that Bob was upset as he could possibly be, because he does NOT like to be away from me. Also, I am the only one that cuts his hair but I struggle with the nail procedure with him,  so it was worth it to me just to have that done by someone else...  

Alice thought they looked hilarious!!!

I had a good weekend with the grandones!!  They spent the night on Friday evening and then we went to the OKC zoo on Saturday...

I was bitten by a Lorikeet...More on that later..

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A week of Irony

I just have to say its been quite a week here on Peebly..  Not everything is peaches and cream around this place on a daily basis.  Sad but true.  Matter of fact its been quite the week of irony.. 

Ironic that you take your dog out to enjoy the bliss of warm temperatures after a blizzard and he wont get off the porch because he hears shooting in the distance.  The sound of bullets being fired will send Bob into tremors and he has to go in.  Period.

I found it very ironic that even though I work in an insurance office, representing one of the BEST companies in America, one of our policyholders backed into my car as they were leaving our office...  

She just didn't see my car...
Like I have said before, I cant make this stuff up.  Real life is just like this!

I think its a tad ironic that Mickey and I save a cat that in turn kills quite a few wild birds we feed.....I have come home to a house full of feathers on many occasions.  She brings them in the doggie door... 

When I went out taking pictures this week, I found it ironic for the moon to be out in the daytime...

And also,  ironic we pay good money for a trailer that has ramps, only to have Mickey unload his machine without using them.....

As I sit here doing this blog, my dog Bob is snoring on the chair that is in the room with me...
Marley is curled up on the floor beside me.
Alice, the killer cat, is napping also.
I am making a light dinner for Mickey.
My insurance company will no doubt take care of my car and do so with flying colors.
The moon is shining bright upon all of us in this mild evening in central Oklahoma...

So irony...go away..

We are having a better day..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just keep trying

The first thing I want to say is I know NOTHING about photography.  I know I have a camera that can do 101 things that I dont know how to make it do.  Now that being said, I have learned just a few things by trial and error.  Almost every single time I get my camera out, I learn something...Just the other day when we were getting all the snow, I thought I would take a picture from my kitchen to show you how beautiful the snow looked as it was falling.  But it turned out like this:
There is the dining area, all bright, but you cant tell what is going on outside the windows...

Then when I moved just a few inches from where I was standing , my kitchen darkened and then you could see that it was indeed snowing outside... 


In this one I was attempting to get a shot of a cardinal, but it flew away.  Instead, I believe this photo
captures the beauty of the tree itself.    I love the bark, dont you? 

I always love to get a picture of a cardinal for my mom.  During the recent storm, this one was my favorite.. 
The snow was blurry and even the cardinal isnt totally clear.  But still....I thought it was a TRUE picture..

But then sometimes, you may be lucky enough to have a subject that just looks beautiful no matter what....

Such is the case with my dog, Bob...
Dont you agree?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That was dumb...

Ill set this up for you.  (I am using pictures from the internet because its just too COLD to go out and besides that..I hurt my foot.)   Read on.

This is a bale of straw.  You see the two lines going around the bale?  That is wire. 
Normal people have small wire cutters to cut this wire,  but I'm sure you know by now I am just a hair shy of normal...
This is literally the size of the cutters I use.  I had some smaller ones, once upon a time, but cant find them.  SO, I kept these down there and they do the trick.  (And build muscles at the same time)  
Tonight when I went down to feed, I noticed a stray wire from a previous bale on top of two bales that were stacked one on top of the other.  I pulled on that wire because its not good to have things like that laying around as someone could literally get their eye poked out.  In doing this,  I evidently pulled the large cutters off the bales of hay and it landed square on the top of my foot!  I cant make this stuff up folks!!  
I hopped around a bit then moaned and groaned then limped to get the chores done.  I did not have a heavy boot on but instead my boots are brown suede and light material at that.  Yes, being in fashion as you are wading through a blizzard to the barn to feed is very important here on Peebly.  
Now I would take a picture of said injury,  but I think I will spare you that image.  Its ugly.  It hurts.  And,  its black and blue and large and swollen and did I mention that it hurts??  Im sure I'll be fine in a day or two, but I think Im going to get a smaller cutting tool!

Here are your Cardinal pictures,  Mom.

They say this will be our last snow.  We are to have temps in the mid 70's next week.  Hard to believe looking at this today...but, its Oklahoma!!

How are things are your house?

Tell me!!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting back in the groove of things

Just as things were getting back to normal....After various soups have been made and devoured..
Pots of beans simmered during the days we could not get out...

Just as the sun shone and the snow began to melt...

Its time for another round of mother natures winter...

Just how many more cookies can a person eat?

Ok..Whats happening in your neck of the woods?

Tell me.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who am I?

Who am I?  I am as you can see,  a beautiful bird.  I like to eat the seeds that fall on the ground instead of getting on the feeder.  Do you know what kind of bird I am???

My mothers favorite bird is the Cardinal...I try to take a picture for her every now and then...
We feed all the birds sunflower seeds.  We do not buy the regular bird seed.  We also supply the suet cakes and every now and then thistle..

Bob and I decided to go down into the woods and get the wildlife camera and see just how many tracks were in the snow...
We didnt  have the chance to get out and explore this week as the blizzard hit us on Tuesday and Wednesday and then I ventured to work Thursday and Friday...I think dogs get cabin fever too.

There were 511 photos on the card...

As you can see here, there are hundreds of tracks in the snow...primarily deer.

Bob loved exploring and sniffing around.  Me too!

Tonight we are to have rain and snow tomorrow...Then a couple of days of clear sailing...Then another storm..Which means, another snow day at home!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!

Anyone going to watch the Superbowl??

We've been Steeler fans from the git go...



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Its been an interesting couple of days on Peebly......We had a foot of snow and winds up to 50 mph all day yesterday..Most business was shut down and the schools closed.  This left me with ample time to do the things you typically do when you are snowed in..  I baked cookies...
Chocolate chip, pecan and raisin..I also made a pot of vegetable soup and make a large pot of chicken and rice for the dogs down in the barn.  They will get a nice WARM meal for the next few days while the weather is this cold.  The goats will get extra pellets and alfalfa.

Bob was happy that I was going to be home..

There wasn't much chance of getting to work in this.....So I watched the birds....
Made sure everyone was well fed and warm.....

And comfortable...

And did I mention well fed..?

This feeder holds a LOT of bird seed.  We put up the netting so the cats would not be able to get to the birds so easily... 

Looks like it may be back to work tomorrow...Tonight is to be the coldest OKC has seen in 30 years...Remember to drip those faucets!

Stay safe everyone!