Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Its been an interesting couple of days on Peebly......We had a foot of snow and winds up to 50 mph all day yesterday..Most business was shut down and the schools closed.  This left me with ample time to do the things you typically do when you are snowed in..  I baked cookies...
Chocolate chip, pecan and raisin..I also made a pot of vegetable soup and make a large pot of chicken and rice for the dogs down in the barn.  They will get a nice WARM meal for the next few days while the weather is this cold.  The goats will get extra pellets and alfalfa.

Bob was happy that I was going to be home..

There wasn't much chance of getting to work in this.....So I watched the birds....
Made sure everyone was well fed and warm.....

And comfortable...

And did I mention well fed..?

This feeder holds a LOT of bird seed.  We put up the netting so the cats would not be able to get to the birds so easily... 

Looks like it may be back to work tomorrow...Tonight is to be the coldest OKC has seen in 30 years...Remember to drip those faucets!

Stay safe everyone!



  1. What an awesome way to spend a freezing winter day...cozily watching birds and baking cookies....I'm hungry now!

  2. Snow days are good every once and awhile...very cozy ...

  3. I thought about baking cookies but the boys can't get over to eat any and I didn't want them tempting me. I guess I could still bake some and freeze them for later. Stay safe and warm!

  4. You guys have really had it bad this winter. All you can do is wait it out, but I can't wait for spring!