Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just keep trying

The first thing I want to say is I know NOTHING about photography.  I know I have a camera that can do 101 things that I dont know how to make it do.  Now that being said, I have learned just a few things by trial and error.  Almost every single time I get my camera out, I learn something...Just the other day when we were getting all the snow, I thought I would take a picture from my kitchen to show you how beautiful the snow looked as it was falling.  But it turned out like this:
There is the dining area, all bright, but you cant tell what is going on outside the windows...

Then when I moved just a few inches from where I was standing , my kitchen darkened and then you could see that it was indeed snowing outside... 


In this one I was attempting to get a shot of a cardinal, but it flew away.  Instead, I believe this photo
captures the beauty of the tree itself.    I love the bark, dont you? 

I always love to get a picture of a cardinal for my mom.  During the recent storm, this one was my favorite.. 
The snow was blurry and even the cardinal isnt totally clear.  But still....I thought it was a TRUE picture..

But then sometimes, you may be lucky enough to have a subject that just looks beautiful no matter what....

Such is the case with my dog, Bob...
Dont you agree?



  1. Awww - Bob looks so SOFT and cuddly! Love the pix!

  2. Yes, I do! Bob is so photogenic. And he looks like a real sweetheart!
    I do like that tree pic and the burst of color from the cardinal really sets off the grey, snowy weather that's taking place around him.

  3. Bob is a handsome guy for sure!

    I was gone all weekend for a scrapbooking crop. It was a fun time!

    Happy Valentine's Day!