Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lorikeets attack

Its true....I am living proof of this little known fact....Let me explain..

The Grand Ones wanted to go to the zoo on Saturday.  Granted it was a BEAUTIFUL day in Oklahoma, so many others had the same idea.  It was a very busy day at the Okc Zoo.

Dylan said the main thing he wanted to do was feed the Lorikeets.

The lorikeets were kept in a netted enclosure.  People are allowed to walk into this area and the birds are on perches and trees and the birds see you have a little container of nectar (purchased before entry at $3.00 per tiny container)  and they approach you by either flying and landing on you or walking down a limb to get closer to you and the much desired treat ...

I held a container in my left hand and as I was attempting to lift the little plastic lid, Emma tugged on the left arm wanting to hold the cup herself, just as Dylan pulled on the right arm to have his turn.  This caused the whole thing to spill just as the bird was about to get his first drink... 
For a split second it was all very comical...
Until., the lorikeet,  in his obvious disappointment in having his much awaited sip of nectar ripped so tragically from his beak, decided I needed to be punished for the act...He bit my finger with such force and apparent anger that blood began to immediately spill on the floor.  It hurt like MAD!..
I gathered the kids and made an immediate exit of the bird madhouse..I then went into the rest room and soaped up and washed the gash on my finger.  It took some time for the bleeding to finally stop..The Grand Ones decided, after they knew I would be ok, that the bird event was the highlight of the day..
when seemingly innocent birds attack.. 

Be careful out there!!



  1. That SO sounds like something that would happen to me! I hope it isn't too sore!!!

  2. I'll be sure to be careful if I get to go to the OKC zoo sometime.


    This is why parrots sort of freak me out...