Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That was dumb...

Ill set this up for you.  (I am using pictures from the internet because its just too COLD to go out and besides that..I hurt my foot.)   Read on.

This is a bale of straw.  You see the two lines going around the bale?  That is wire. 
Normal people have small wire cutters to cut this wire,  but I'm sure you know by now I am just a hair shy of normal...
This is literally the size of the cutters I use.  I had some smaller ones, once upon a time, but cant find them.  SO, I kept these down there and they do the trick.  (And build muscles at the same time)  
Tonight when I went down to feed, I noticed a stray wire from a previous bale on top of two bales that were stacked one on top of the other.  I pulled on that wire because its not good to have things like that laying around as someone could literally get their eye poked out.  In doing this,  I evidently pulled the large cutters off the bales of hay and it landed square on the top of my foot!  I cant make this stuff up folks!!  
I hopped around a bit then moaned and groaned then limped to get the chores done.  I did not have a heavy boot on but instead my boots are brown suede and light material at that.  Yes, being in fashion as you are wading through a blizzard to the barn to feed is very important here on Peebly.  
Now I would take a picture of said injury,  but I think I will spare you that image.  Its ugly.  It hurts.  And,  its black and blue and large and swollen and did I mention that it hurts??  Im sure I'll be fine in a day or two, but I think Im going to get a smaller cutting tool!

Here are your Cardinal pictures,  Mom.

They say this will be our last snow.  We are to have temps in the mid 70's next week.  Hard to believe looking at this today...but, its Oklahoma!!

How are things are your house?

Tell me!!!



  1. No injuries (knock on wood). But I'm sick of being cold and bundling up just to be partially comfortable.
    My horses still stand out in the cold rain when they have a new shelter for them. Drives me nuts!

  2. Oh, my! Are you sure you didn't break your foot? Bless your heart. You might want to have it checked out just to make sure.

    Your photo of the cardinals is SPECTACULAR!

    Be careful and stay warm!

  3. I dont think its broken as I have been getting around ok today. Back at work and ready for spring!

  4. OWCH! Stay warm... all you can do is wait for the nice weekend!