Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A week of Irony

I just have to say its been quite a week here on Peebly..  Not everything is peaches and cream around this place on a daily basis.  Sad but true.  Matter of fact its been quite the week of irony.. 

Ironic that you take your dog out to enjoy the bliss of warm temperatures after a blizzard and he wont get off the porch because he hears shooting in the distance.  The sound of bullets being fired will send Bob into tremors and he has to go in.  Period.

I found it very ironic that even though I work in an insurance office, representing one of the BEST companies in America, one of our policyholders backed into my car as they were leaving our office...  

She just didn't see my car...
Like I have said before, I cant make this stuff up.  Real life is just like this!

I think its a tad ironic that Mickey and I save a cat that in turn kills quite a few wild birds we feed.....I have come home to a house full of feathers on many occasions.  She brings them in the doggie door... 

When I went out taking pictures this week, I found it ironic for the moon to be out in the daytime...

And also,  ironic we pay good money for a trailer that has ramps, only to have Mickey unload his machine without using them.....

As I sit here doing this blog, my dog Bob is snoring on the chair that is in the room with me...
Marley is curled up on the floor beside me.
Alice, the killer cat, is napping also.
I am making a light dinner for Mickey.
My insurance company will no doubt take care of my car and do so with flying colors.
The moon is shining bright upon all of us in this mild evening in central Oklahoma...

So irony...go away..

We are having a better day..


  1. So sorry about your car! Poor Bob. What hunting season is it right now? Or was someone just practicing?

  2. I don't blame Bob. I wouldn't leave the porch either.
    Sorry to hear about the car. Atleast it looks like it's still driveable.
    The cat thinks you are luring the birds in to satisfy his need to hunt and of course his hunger. The feathers are his thank you. tee hee
    I have been noticing the moon during the day for the last couple of days too. Could we be looking at the same moon? LOL
    The guys don't want to fool with getting the ramps out and setting them up when they don't have to. I know....it happens here, too, with the ATV ramps.

  3. Our cattle dog is that way but she's getting old and harder of hearing which is both good and bad. Bad she's getting old, good the shooting doesn't scare her anymore.

    Heres to a better week! Furry kisses to Bob....

  4. What a wonderful post. Life is always about irony...you just made me think about that!