Monday, March 14, 2011

Oklahoma firestorm 2011

Oklahoma has been in a state of emergency lately.  Things have been happening all over the world it seems.  One disaster after another.

On Friday, Oklahomas drought and high winds,  combined with low humidity, created perfect conditions for an extreme fire danger...And sure enough, it happened.

Fire broke out in the town of Harrah.  This is where my son and grandones live.
This is their home.  It was this close.

The swing set was saved..

The detached one car garage was was a total loss.

That fire burned their garage and continued across the yard and just skimmed the back corner of the house.  

Others on their street and throughout the community of Harrah were not as fortunate.

The fire also knocked on the front door of my sons house.  Firefighters kept the blaze back, as you can see where the firetrucks drove through the front yard.

This burned tree remains.  My son says he will try to save it.  It also survived a terrible ice storm a few years ago..

This little sign of spring just kept on keeping on through the ordeal....
Giving us all cause to pause and give thanks.



  1. As I was praying for those in Japan I was also praying for those affected by the wildfires. Little did I know your son and his family were some of them. I saw the wildfires on the news but had no idea they were near where your son lives. I know how thankful you must be that the fire didn't take anything more than it did.

  2. Oh wow... things were so close... so very close. Yes, your family is lucky and blessed, thank goodness. Makes my knees weak to see ...