Friday, March 18, 2011

Our life this week on paper

My family came over to my house when they were evacuated because of the wildfires.  As they waited for word on if they still had a house or not,  we kept busy...We went to the barn and ran in the grass and  cooked and ate and then did some drawing before bedtime....I asked the girls to draw pictures of how they felt about things...
The baby made this illustration.....She is 3... 

Emma did this one...

I assured them all would be fine and it was...They were able to go home the next day...House still standing..

Bob pushed his way out of the fenced yard this week while I was at work...Mickey came home to this note on our door.  

He got a talking to...


ps..I intend on having a relaxing peacful and simple weekend..wish me luck.


  1. Bob!

    Glad everyone is o.k. The pictures say a million words...

  2. Your girls are very good artists and your little neighbor is a very thoughtful little girl. Poor Bob! Please don't be too hard on him. He was only "lookin' for adventure." Enjoy your weekend!