Wednesday, April 6, 2011

After surgery

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and concern!   

Yesterday, Marley had her eye tumor surgery.  I took pictures of her last night but then forgot to bring my camera battery along today so maybe I will post them tonight for you to see.  In the meantime, these pictures are much more enjoyable.   

This is shortly after Marley came to live with me after a lifetime of living in a cage having babies for money for people that are despicable and selfish and uncaring and evil..Marley didn't know what grass felt like on her feet nor did she know what being loved was like.  It took her many months to open up... 
She lost all her teeth except for two from neglect and poor nutrition.Now she is unable to keep her tongue in because she does not have the teeth needed to hold it in.  .She only gets the best these days and that means all her food is homemade by me...Chicken and carrots and broccoli with split peas, lentils and brown rice...
She gets to socialize with the other dogs here and gets exercise, sunshine and love love love.  She of course sleeps in bed at night and I am her favorite thing in the world. 
Her skin was in terrible condition when I got her.  It took many many many baths to get the terrible puppy mill condition out of her.  In just 1 or 2 days after a bath her skin and hair would become terrible smelling and oily and it just wouldn't go away.  The vet tried a couple rounds of antibiotics but it still went on for about a year or more before it is has finally cleared up.   

She is beginning to lose her sight now and I'm sure we are only a short time away from being totally blind.  We will deal with that if its given to us.

The vet said that during the surgery yesterday they nearly lost her.  Her heart slowed and slowed until they finally had to give her a shot to revive her..The vet said it was because of her age.  We had to estimate her age because I just don't know how old she really is..They feel she is well over the assumed age of 10.    All I can say today is I am ever so thankful she did pull through and is at home today recovering...
Thank you all for your wishes...
They came in handy.



  1. Ah Mel, your such a good "Mommie" to your pets. So very glad he has you!

  2. I'm so HAPPY to hear that Marley is back at home and healing. Bless you for loving her (and all your animals) so much.

  3. Glad that Marley came through the surgery. You really ought to submit her for the featured pet of the week on my website at

  4. We are so happy Marley came though surgery. We know all bouts the puppy mill and greedy breeders. I too had to learn all about life outside the breeders when I came to live with my momma. Can't believe we are the same age. Small world huh?!?! We are keeping our paws crossed that you heal real quick!

    -Mollie Jo & Bobo

    Pee Ess: For Bob's Mom's eyes only....Mollie Jo like to know if Bob is ready to have a girlfurend?

    -Matchmaker Bobo and Brother to Mollie JO!

  5. Oh I didn't know - I'm glad she's o.k. and back home with you! Big sigh of relief! Loved Bob's hunt for spring... he's such a good boy to help you find it!

  6. Poor baby!!!
    I'm glad she was able to come home to you.
    She looks so sweet.