Monday, April 18, 2011

Bob...Peebly Roads newest fire fighter

Yes its true.  Bob is a firefighter...I will tell you all about it further down the page..but first... 

Marley is getting so much better...
Easter is just around the corner..

 Doesn't she look better now????
What a sweetheart...The vet said the eye looked good.  They had to take out a stitch that didn't dissolve on its on.  They said to keep putting the antibiotic cream in her eye until the tube was all.  There is still some redness but nothing like before..We are on our way to recovery!!!  

Now about the fire..

About 4:00 pm yesterday Mickey walked outside.  He immediately came back in and shouted to me that there was a fire!  I stopped what I was doing and walked outside..Bob right with me.  Soon as I walked out I could see smoke all throughout our yard and I started walking down the driveway to see what was going on.  As I got to the end of the driveway I realized that directly across Peebly there was an out of control fire.  Brush and trees were burning.  There was no time to take Bob back to the house.  I gathered him up and carried him across the road with me.  I didn't want to take a chance on him getting hit on the road and Mickey was still behind on the phone calling 911.  I knew that people lived down the gravel drive right where the fire was so I ran thru the smoke and down the driveway to their home carrying Bob all the while.  Finally at their home, I put Bob down and beat on their door and told them what was happening.  They put hoses together and we ran back to the fire stomping and spraying and I told the teenage boy that lived there to go back and get some towels. We then wet them down and beat back the flames as best as we could.  Bob was right there.  The smoke was horrible and the flames were terribly hot.  We held on until the fire company finally came about 10-15 mins later.  At that time I literally threw down the towel and gathered Bob up and walked home. 

 We were exhausted and hot and our lungs were raw.  Bob should have received an honorary junior badge for the day.  Thank goodness that Mickey was quick to spot the fire first of all.  If he hadn't, with the way the winds were whipping around and the dry conditions, things would have turned out far worse than a few trees.

It was quite the experience..


On a lighter note, the feeders are out and the hummers are back..  
Have you seen them?

Tell me



  1. Haven't seen a humming bird here yet. Can't wait for them to arrive. There so cute you just wanna kiss 'em.

  2. Bless your hearts! You certainly have had your share of fires this season. I'm so glad everyone is ok and I'm really happy to hear that Marley is doing well. Take care and have a wonderful week.

    PS. We haven't spotted any hummers yet but those pesky barn swallows are back again. We've been able to keep ahead of them so far though.

  3. I say a prayer and have to Look at a map of your area everytime those fires break out. There are just so many down there. Glad this one was caught in time.

    No humming birds here yet, but , plenty of other ones have been popping in. I am waiting for our pair of cardinals, when they appear and start with song, its definately spring. For many years, we have also had a few bluebirds, one that chases and tease the cats. Gonna have to video that some time.

  4. NO hummers yet - tho' the web told me end of April they begin to migrate thru CO... I gotta get my feeder out tonight!

    Geez - thank goodness Mickey saw the fire so quickly... what a scare! Wind, dry and fire... so bad and it can all happen so fast! What a good firefighter Bob is... where is his fireman hat? grin.

  5. I'm glad Marley's eye lid is healing well.
    That fire must've been scary. Fire is one of my biggest fears. But I would've been right there with you stomping away.