Friday, April 29, 2011

Do you know what I love today?

Naturally I love Mickey....

I love my dog Bob..

And I love that Marley is fully recovered from her eye surgery and feeling fine.

Mickeys dog Shirley had ACL surgery on her leg last week and is doing great too!

I love that these two little ladies are spending the weekend on Peebly..We will plant some things and cook and watch movies and do what country girls do! 
I love that I have goats!! 

Did I mention that I love Bob?

I love that my Grandma was released from the hospital and doing great!  She is spending the next couple of weeks with her niece Nancy, and I know that makes my Grandma happy happy happy. 

I love that I have this portrait of my great great grandmother who I was named after.  It hangs in my house on Peebly. 

I love that I have good friends.

I love that the weather is beautiful here in Oklahoma .
I love that my Mom and all my Pennsylvania family is safe and doing well. 

I love,  that for this little window in time, all is well and peaceful..

I will relish that thought for the weekend.

What will you do this weekend?

Tell me.



  1. Well with all that love and happiness floating around the house on Peebly....I'm packing my bags. Get the guestroom ready! LOL Just kidding. Hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like it's starting off right.

  2. I blew into OKC. I loved that I made it in one piece. LOL! Grandson #4 has a birthday in May. I'll have to find out what weekend the party is. Maybe we can get together then. Have a wonderful time with your Grands!

    Took #3 grandson to supper last night. This morning I'll take #4 to breakfast, then take Girlie to lunch this afteroon. Soccer games to attend and take pics/videos. Also a Fancy Nancy party at one of the bookstores. A post and pics will follow sometime next week.

  3. You have a whole lot to love! What a wonderful world it can be in spite of everything. I feel blessed everyday too! Thank you for this uplifting post!!!!