Monday, April 11, 2011

The garden has begun!

Ok...Marley is getting better after her surgery and things look ok, but....not perfect.  I still think that perhaps there is something on the lower rim of her eyelid that is bothering her.  Follow up visit is this Friday so we shall see..

Ive been looking at this mass of mint I have growing around the house and Im thinking since it loves growing so much, I can transplant part of it around various places that need some sprucing!! 
Tomatoes are planted.
Rosemary is in...

Trying a new mammoth jalapeno.


One barrel is a spring mix of lettuce and the other,  radishes.
We have two raised beds.  The finished one, mine.  The one in back, his.  We are having a friendly competition this year to see who can produce the best crop.  I have the lead as I have mine all planted and he has..nothing..Nothing except a few onions that I planted before he came up with the idea of a contest...

I do love these bushes!! 

This is one project that I certainly hope we finish this spring...That is getting this bed done.  The wall needs finished and dirt hauled in.  I want to fill this with a variety of plants. 

Well there you have it.  The garden begins.

How is your garden growing?

Tell me.



  1. We planted 3 little Christmas trees around the yard. Then I found the perfect water fountain this past weekend (remember I bought one last year but it just wasn't big enough for the space and so kept looking). Tonight I want to haul some bricks to make a raised area for the fountain to sit on. Then I plan to plant some creeping phlox in that raised area. We don't have any tomato plants yet but their coming. Our lilies are coming up. And, this doesn't have anything to do with gardening, but this afternoon I've been trying to keep a barn swallow from building a nest where they did last year. It may be a losing battle. Your raised bed looks like it's well on its way to becoming the winner of the friendly competition.

  2. Nice Mel. Your energy comes from where? LOL
    Hey, My Mom has been looking for Mint, where did you get that?

    I have the same hedges. They are so overgrown now that taking them out and letting them start over is the way for us to go. Love the pretty white flowers, but hail destroyed our blooms for the year, I am afraid.

  3. Jill...I dont remember where I first got the mint but I certainly have enough to share!!! And I DO think I have your address..

  4. You've been busy!
    Much busier than I. Out in the garden anyway. So far, I've got mine tilled. LOL
    Love that wall!!!