Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Godfather Part 1 on Peebly

Sometimes I like to play pranks on Mickey...

Its not always easy to do because he is usually the one doing them.

But I got him this morning..

I told him something was wrong with the bed...

He went in to inspect....Bob was right along with him...


Do you do these kinds of things?

Tell me



  1. Seems to me I remember reading last year about someone putting something up in a tree as a prank. Could that have been you? or maybe it was Mickey.

    If you'd like to try to meet up this weekend I plan to be in OKC early afternoon on Friday. I don't really have anything planned until about 5:00. Saturday is pretty full - among other things, a Fancy Nancy party at one of the bookstores. I can't WAIT!!!! I'm in no big hurry to get home on Sunday if you'd like to try that day. If it won't work this weekend, I'll try to let you know a little earlier the next time I'm going to be in town.

  2. YOU KNOW I DO! Every chance I get. **snicker**