Thursday, April 28, 2011

Late Easter pictures

I had a big dinner at my house on Easter.  
For every holiday the more the merrier is our motto.

This is Amanda.  She is my daughter in laws sister.  She is at my house for every Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and any other gathering we have in between.
She had feathers put in her hair.   

How cool is that?  They say everyone is doing this! Rumor has it that its because of Steven Tylers hair and his latest appearances on American Idol..
*I think James is going to win, what do you think?* 

"I was just reading about that in my Grit magazine!!! "   Oh Bob!!!

* Now Im not saying Bob is making that up, Im just saying he may have read about the feathers in another magazine instead of the Grit*

The girls looked especially cute in their new dresses!!!

And their prank joke eyeglasses...

The Grand ones will be spending the weekend.  I cant wait!!

What are your weekend plans?

Tell me.


1 comment:

  1. Cute feathers! I thought Steven Tyler's feathers were earrings. Shows what I know. LOL
    Cute dresses, too. I've been babysitting for my daughter lately and yesterday I took a pic of my grandson with those glasses with the nose, mustache and eyebrows and sent it to my daughter, his daddy and his other grandma. They all got a kick out of it.
    This weekend will be filled with homework. Next week is the last week for this semester so I'm gonna be BUSY. **sigh**