Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The royal wedding through a childs eyes

Im fairly certain most people have had the chance to see at least part of the royal wedding.  Kate was beautiful and William most handsome.  It was quite the event.

On Peebly, the girls were busy coloring and putting on paper their own take of the wedding festivities..

William with a bouquet of flowers for Kate..Kate with love in her eyes darting toward William..Its obvious they are indeed ..*In Love*...

Then they live happily ever after in the royal palace.

This is how little girls see love....

All that and ice cream too..

Did you enjoy the wedding?

Tell me.



  1. Adorable!
    Yes, I didn't watch it through, but I did watch bits and pieces. And I checked out the pictures and read some of the post wedding articles that were floating around the net.
    Unlike the negative people who envy others' happiness, I think it's a beautiful thing. A fairytale. I hope they live a long happy life together! I know because of their stature it won't be an easy life to lead, but I still wish them the best.

  2. I set our dvr's to record the wedding because I planned to get up and on the road to OKC early Friday morning. Well, I did wake up early - at 4am! I knew the wedding was on but I thought I needed another hour and a half of sleep because it was going to be a long day. After an hour of trying to get back to sleep I just got up and turned on the tv just as Will & Kate were at the alter. It was a beautiful wedding and I watched until they went back into that private room. Later that evening when I was at my son's home our little girlie was really intent on "watching the princess" as they re-ran the days events. Her brothers could have cared less. I thought the wedding was just perfect and I wish the couple years and years of happiness.